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candle memorial
candle memorial
Candle Memorial
I found this online awhile back and I don't remember where, but I thought that it was a really great idea. I call them memory candles, but you can call them what ever you like. I am going to make all these myself. We're making them for Tanner's dad who passed from cancer about 5 years ago and for both of our grandparents. We're going to put these at the front of where the ceremony will be (I don't want to say alter because it's not an alter, but the same idea).

But my idea of making them is taking some translucent paper (which I found at Ben Franklins for $.12 a sheet) and print black and white pictures of the person from my home computer. Then at the top and bottom of the vase I will use ribbon that matches our color to cover the edges of the paper.
DIY Wedding
More monograms
I got a little bored this afternoon and made some more monograms. Still can't seem to pick one I like. For some reason on the second picture with the blue N, powerpoint keeps cutting off parts of the N.
diy, monogram
Wedding Reception
Searles Castle at Windham
This is where Tanner and I have decided to get married. The ceremony and reception are in the same spot, which is one thing that I was looking for in our venue because I didn't want our guests to have to drive to another location.

Anyway, it is so perfect. The castle is beautiful and I love the drive up to the castle. I really can't wait for our wedding because our guests are going to be so amazed. Our wedding is going to be the nicest wedding that either side of our family has had.

I am also planning on arrive in a horse and carraige. This is something that I am not really telling any of my family or friends that are attrending the wedding because I want it to be a surprise. =)
save the date magnet
save the date magnet
save the date magnetmonogram
DIY Wedding
Monogram and Save the Date cards
These are the only two things that I have done on my own. I think they turned out really great. The monogram I made on powerpoint and I made the save the date card on publisher. I am going to print the save the date cards my self. I looked at vistaprint, but they looked really blurry when I uploaded my picture. That and I think it would be nice to really do it myself.
A little about us
Tanner and I met in high school. He was a senior and I was a freshman. We were in a play together towards the end of the year and became good friends. That summer we talked a lot on the phone and we stated dating after we went to the circus July 11, 2000. We've now been together for over 8 years.
We're not offically engaged yet because he just graduated from law school and I just graduated from college and he can't afford my ring yet because the one he wants is about $8,000.
Anyway, we've started planning now because we know that our wedding is going to cost about $30,000 and we also want to try to save as much as possible so that we might be able to pay less than that.

Note: I've had this page for a while but decided to delete everything and start over. I've just have better ideas now and want to do it over =).


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Castleton Banquet Center
Castleton Banquet Center
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Wedding colors are Tiffany blue and white with pink accents.
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