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Any NH Brides out there???
Venue help please =)
My FH and I are still looking around at venues and we can't seem to really find one. Right now we're not really in a rush because we still have over a year. The two places that we're thinking about are either Harris' Pelham Inn or Castleton Banquet and Confence Center. Both are really nice and by water. I was just wondering if there were any other nice venues out there that I might not have come across. So, if you know of some nice venues where the ceremony and reception can be held at the same place, let me know!

** The Pictures shown are from Castleton. Pictures for the Inn are in a previous post**
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Father Daughter dance
So I picked my father/daughter dance. We're going with "My little girl" by Tim McGraw from the movie Flicka. It's such a sweet song and I didn't want the normal butterfly kisses. So this is what I am going with! What songs are you doing for your father daugher dance??
Have to find a new venue...
So my FH and I have been talking and we've decided that we really wanted to have our wedding at Searles Castle but because the food was so expensive we'll have to find some where else. Which really sucks for me because I've had my heart set on this place for the past 2 years almost. Everything about the place was perfect but because the food was going to cost almost $10,000 we had to say no. And if we did decide to have it there I would have to move the wedding back another year, and I really don't want to do that. Especially since I have already been waiting 9 years for this. Good thing I've still got a long ways to go until the wedding. So I've been looking online most of the day and writing down venues that we want to see in the Spring that actually look elegant but have a decent price for food. So if you're in the NH area and have some good ideas for wedding ceremony and reception site, let me know!!
Blue DIY Wedding Invitation inserts finished!!AccomodationsBlue DIY Wedding Invitation inserts finished!!Blue DIY Wedding Invitation inserts finished!!
DIY Wedding
Invitation inserts finished!!
So I finished up my inserts a little while ago. This is the website that helped me out:

I also ordered a sample of the pocket fold invitations and both FH and me love them!! We're going to buy the paper for the inserts and invitation some where else, but the pocket folds we're going to buy from cards and pockets. Also, they're on sale right now for $.73 a pcketfold. Anyway, just wanted to post what I've done to help some of you out ( if you need it) =)

Oh and I just made up some info for the accomidations cause I don't have those yet.... it's a little too early hehe. And the Pics are in order of how they'll be placed in the pocket fold, so the map will be in the back.
Bridal Expo...
I went to my first one!!
Yup, I finally went to one. I went with my FI cause my girls live too far away. But it was really nice. I decided to go to this one because it was at the middle school in my town , which is about 2 minutes from where I live, so how could I not go!
My FI liked it. He was the one asking all the questions, especially to the photographers. We tried some cake and got lots of brochures and honeymoon stuff. So over all it was pretty good. Now I just need to get my MOH up here from Florida and then I can go to some more!! =)
DIY Wedding
Map and Direction card for invitations
I made these this weekend to see how it would come out. I am not quite done yet, but this is what I have so far. I am going to work on the rest of my inserts too because I ordered an invitation sample to make sure that I'll like it before I order what I need. Anyway, just wanted to know what you ladies thought. Does it look ok? Should I change anything??

This is where I got the directions:
Menu 1
Menu 1
Menu 1Blue DIY Wedding Save the date, menu, and place cardsBlue DIY Wedding Save the date, menu, and place cardsMonogram
DIY Wedding
Save the date, menu, and place cards
So here are a few more things tha I made up on publisher. I made the menu and place cards to match. I am using the monogram on my favors or for tags. What so you girls think. Are they ok?
Program 1
Program 1
Program 2
Program 3
Program 1Program 2Program 3Program2
DIY Wedding
Programs - what do you think?
These are the programs that my FH and I aare going to use. I got the idea from the last picture. I found it while searching on google. I added the boarder because it was too plain when I printed one out to see how it would look. I am also going to put the ribbon on the edge too. I think they'll come out pretty good. I just need to buy a paper cutter.
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Centerpiece 2
Centerpiece 2
flowers and floating candles
My FH and have decided that this is what we are going to do for our centerpieces. I think they are so nice and look elegant. I don't know what kind of flowers are in the vases, but I am sure someone out there knows. Anyway, I just wanted to let you ladies know so that I might be able to help other brides!!
I am getting impatient!!
Like the title says, I am getting very impatient with all this wedding stuff. I have everything planned out. I know how I want everything done, but because nothing is set in stone (like the date) I can't do anything yet, as in booking the castle for our date. And because FH and I just started our lives together since we both just graduated, we have no money. And this economy isn't really helping either.

So needless to say I am frustrated with money and frustrated that I am stuck and can't do anything with my wedding.


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