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Castleton 06-17-09 035
Castleton 06-17-09 035
Wedding Reception
New date!
We went and put our deposit on our venue today! (yay!) we decided to ask if the weekend before the date we picked was open. That weekend just happens to be Labor Day weekend which is so much better than just a regular sunday. Anyway, NO ONE had booked that date yet!! I was so shocked! I figured with it being a holiday weekend it would have already been booked! lol So instead of 9-11-11 it's now 9-4-11 =) 1 week sooner lol. I was kinda worried that if we had it on 9-11-11 that no one would come because of the date and because it was on a sunday. Now I am all better =)
Castleton 06-17-09 044
Castleton 06-17-09 044
Castleton 06-17-09 070
Castleton 06-17-09 082
EntranceCastleton 06-17-09 044Castleton 06-17-09 070Castleton 06-17-09 082
Wedding Reception
We have a venue!!!!!
I'm sooooo excited!! We figured out what day we can get married and we have the venue scheduled! Our date is now Sept 11, 2011 and this weekend we're going to the venue to pay our $1000 to keep our date and sign our contract. The wedding will be at 4pm and we'll have the place until 10. I am so excited though!! I wasn't expecting to have our venue booked so soon!!! YAY!!!
Bridesmaids dress1
Bridesmaids dress2
Dress!BridesmaidsDress1Dress2Bridesmaids dress1Bridesmaids dress2
Wedding Dress
Found my dress and possible bridesmaids dress!!
Yesterday was an interesting day. The two stores I wanted to go to, to try on dresses weren't open. Not because of the holiday, just because they weren't open on Mondays. So we needed to drive a half hour south to find a store that existed (because one other one that we went to closed) and that was open.
So we found this awesome little shop and they had everything. All of the dresses I was looking tuxes and an undergarments shop that was connected to it. We started looking around for stuff and the sales lady was great and was helping us the whole time. I started looking at the Maggie Sottero dresses for the one that I wanted but I didn't see it so I figured they wouldn't have it. The lady asked me what the name of the dress was and she would check and see if it was in stock. She comes back over to one of the racks and grabs my dress. Who would have thought that this random dress shop that we decided to go to would have the dress I wanted in my size!! It was fate! lol Then we found a dress that would be great for my girls, but since it was just my sisters there and not they other 2 girls, we need to see what they think. It's a really cute dress and kind of a compromise for me and my sister because I wanted a longer dress and she wanted a shorter dress. She tried this one on and it looked really great on her.
I know I have a little ways to go before the wedding, but I really like getting this under way.
Blue Wedding Dress Going shopping for the first time!
Wedding Dress
Going shopping for the first time!
Me, my mom and my two sisters (bridesmaids) are going to look at dresses for the first time today! I am so excited! I really just want to get an idea of what I like and what the girls like. I hope we have fun!!
Wedding Dress
Maggie's Capri Lynette
I am in LOVE with this dress!! I haven't tried on any dresses yet because I still have a little while, but this is exactly what I want. I have no idea how it will look on me, but I like the thought that it will! =)
Castleton 06-17-09 035
Castleton 06-17-09 035
Castleton 06-17-09 041
Castleton 06-17-09 044
Castleton 06-17-09 045
Castleton 06-17-09 056
Castleton 06-17-09 073
Castleton 06-17-09 074
Castleton 06-17-09 081
Castleton 06-17-09 035Castleton 06-17-09 041Castleton 06-17-09 044Castleton 06-17-09 045Castleton 06-17-09 056Castleton 06-17-09 073Castleton 06-17-09 074Castleton 06-17-09 081
Ceremony and Reception
Castleton Banquet and Conference Center
We went and looked at this wedding venue back in July and I absolutly love it!!! (And he does too wich is a plus!) The grounds are amazing and they have great areas for photo ops. The ceremony area where we'll be getting married is secluded and private. And it's also on a look which I love and the ceremony area looks over it =). The only thing that neither of us liked as much is the area inside where the reception is held. It's a hall that holds 500 people that is split in half so that there can be two receptions or events going on. Anyway, I really like it. Now we just need to decide what is the best date and then give them $1000 to book it!! YAY!
My beautiful ring
My beautiful ring
He finally popped the question!
This past week FH and I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. I was really just expecting to go and have a nice relaxing weeks vacation. On the first night of the cruise we were on our balcony and the moon was out (very romantic) and he was talking all sweet and stuff, which he does a lot. I was kinda thinking in the back of my mind that he was getting ready to ask me to marry him, but then I brushed it off because I thought he was just being all romantic and stuff. But no. He took off my promise ring and I asked what he was doing with it and he said he had another one to replace it! Of course I started crying. It was really dark out so I couldn't see the ring, but I knew it was the one that we've been looking at for the past 2 years or so lol. But I love it and it was all so perfect. I would not change the way it happened at all! We're not really too sure on the date right now, but it will probably be sometime in 2011. Which kinda stinks for me because I've been planning for 2010.
Wedding Reception
These are the favor that my FH wants to use. I think they are really cute and go along with our Tiffany and Co. theme very well. I'm glad I was able to find something that he had an idea for online! We;re also doing CD's as favors too and those we are making our selves.

EDIT: The dimond shape favors can be foun here =)
Blue NWR: Our Anniversary 9 Years together
NWR: Our Anniversary
9 Years together
Our 9 year anniversary was on July 11 and it was really great. We went and saw Cirque du Soleil which was really amazing. It's wierd to think that we'vebeen together so long. it would be even nicer if I was finally proposed to! lol He says before Dec 31st I should have my ring! I really can't wait!
Blue Bridesmaids Their dress... I think =)
Their dress... I think =)
This is an Alfred Angelo dress that I found yesterday and I absolutly love it! i think it fits my theme really well. The color of the dress will be Pool and the lacy part will be white =)


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Castleton Banquet Center
Castleton Banquet Center
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