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Blue Ask a Question Should save the date envelopes be hand written or printed?
Ask a Question
Should save the date envelopes be hand written or printed?
I am getting ready to start making out my envelopes for my save the dates, but I'm not sure if these are ok to be printed or should I write them by hand?? I know the wedding invitations are hand written, but I wasn't sure about these. Thanks for the help ladies!!
Not mine, but kinda the style I am going for.
Not mine, but kinda the style I am going for.
Again, not mine but similar style
Not mine, but kinda the style I am going for.Again, not mine but similar style
Wedding Invitation
I ordered my invitations!!!!
I'm so excited! I ordered everything I need to make my invitations yesterday from cardsandpockets!! Ordering this kinda makes this whole getting married thing more real. I'm just so excited to be finally starting on the "big" stuff now. I know I still have a little over a year, but it will probably take me that long to make them!! lol

Note: the invitations pictures are not mine, but that's pretty much the idea I am going for, except the ribbon will be a belly band instead of wrapped like the picture.
Just Because
Just Because
Just BecauseBlue NWR I've started my own jewelry business!!Blue NWR I've started my own jewelry business!!Blue NWR I've started my own jewelry business!!Blue NWR I've started my own jewelry business!!Blue NWR I've started my own jewelry business!!
I've started my own jewelry business!!
That'st right! I've started my own business. Right now I am still working on setting up my online store. My prices are pretty reasonable, but check out the site and see if there is anything you like!! I make bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and children's jewelry. So if you're looking for some jeweley for your bridesmaids or yourself, check out my site!!

I can take special requests too! ;)
Cup cakes and anniversary
So our 10 year anniversary is on Sunday. I'm actually really excited about it even though we're not really doing anything except for relaxing and maybe going to see a movie. I just think it's a big milestone for us. Also, our engagement party is Saturday, which I am also excited about because I get to see family, like my grandparents, that I haven't seen in over a year! Hopefully it won't rain all day so we don't have to try and fit 25 people in a house!!

And for the cup cakes! I made cup cakes in a jar for a birthday at work and I had to make them for our whole department. It's a really cute and easy idea. Everyone loved them! I even had people coming up from different departments to check them out lol. My down stairs neighbor whom I also worked with helped me out with the topper because she had all the stuff to make them and I don't! lol So she helped with the design and putting them together. I think they came out really great!! Someone suggested that I make them as wedding favors, but that would be a lot of work and I am already having cake.
Wedding Music And Songs
walking down the aisle...
I was thinking, instead of the normal Bridal march songs, I would walk down the asisle to Vitamin String Quartets version on Wonderful Tonight. I think they did an absolutely amazing job with it and the song is really beautiful too. =) And then at the Recesion, I was thinking about leaving to their version of Bittersweet Symphony.

Do you ladies know what you're going to walk to, or what you think you are going to walk to?
Blue Wedding Dress I found my dress!!!
2 (2)
Blue Wedding Dress I found my dress!!!R1043HCR1043HC-12 (2)s08_81026_2_psd
Wedding Dress
I found my dress!!!
The first time I went shopping, I though I found THE dress. It was Maggie Sottero's Capri Lynette. Well yesterday I went shopping again. We went to davids bridal first and we found the bridesmaids dresses. We all absolutly loved the dress. One problem though was that I wanted that was two toned so that I could have the Pool and a white accent. So we added a sash, and I as you can see in the picture it looks awesome!! (not the right colors , but you get the idea) So once we figured that out, we went to where I first tried on the maggie sottero dress. Well, we get there and they don't have that dress any more. I was sooo bummed!! So we looked around to try and find something else. Since I love Maggie I was looking through that stuff and I found this beautiful dress. It's maggie's Krystalyn Marie. Gorgeous dress!!! I love it even more than the Capry Lynette and I didn't want to take it off!! haha!! Anwyay, check out the pics and llet me know what you think!!
dress 1
dress 1
dress 1
dress 1
dress 1
dress 2
dress 2
dress 2
dress 3
dress 3
dress 3
dress 1dress 1dress 1dress 1dress 2dress 2dress 2dress 3dress 3Blue Wedding Dress Went dress shoppingdress 3
Wedding Dress
Went dress shopping
I went dress shopping back in April and I am just uploading the pictures lol. We origionally went to Boston to try dresses on, but after our first appointment, we decided to just do to Davids Bridal and see what we could find since they had more of a variety and selection. We were looking for Bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses. We only got puctures of the wedding dresses though. It was busy though! We had 2 brides and 4 bridesmaids with just the 4 of us that went. It was a crazy day!!

I absolutely loved dress 1. It was the last dress I tried on. I didn't like dress 2 or 3 because I don't like the sheer fabric that's over the dress.
I think we might have a dress?
My little sister (who is a bridesmaid) tried on this dress at Davids Bridal back in April and I absolutely loved it. Well, I was on their website a few days ago and found out they changed to price to $99!! So I sent a pic to all my girls to see if they liked it and they all love it!! So I am going to schedule an appointment with Davids Bridal for all of us to go check out the dress together and to see if there might be any other dresses they might like. I like this one a lot, so I might just go with this. =)
Tiffany Blue Dress Color
I found the perfect color tiffany blue dresses at Aria Bridesmaid, the only problem is that it only comes in silk shantung and I don't like how it looked; it was kinda cheap feeling. Does anyone know of any other stores that have a color that's close to the tiffany blue color??
Save the date3
Save the date3
DIY Wedding
Save the Dates: They're finally done!!
That's right...all 100 of my save the dates are finally done!!! They would have been finished weeks ago, but I ran out of the little rhinestones that I put on them and the craft store isn't any where near me. So I finally got them this past weekend and now they are done! YAY!!

Now I need to find envelopes that are thick enough that the little rhinestones things wont go through the paper. Any idea on that? I was thinking maybe paperand


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