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Blue One down... 99 more to go!
Blue One down... 99 more to go!Blue One down... 99 more to go!Blue One down... 99 more to go!Blue One down... 99 more to go!Blue One down... 99 more to go!Blue One down... 99 more to go!
One down...
99 more to go!
We got one invitation down, just to see what it will look like. I think it came out pretty great. I bought all my paper at and the ribbon fand rhinestones from Joannes. I do have one aspect of the invitations done. All of the belly bands are finished! yay! One down a million more to go! lol That's what it seems like anyway lol The one thing that I did change after making this one was the headers on the inserts. I thought they were too light so I just made them bold to bring it out a little better.

Anyway, what do you think?
Blue Happy New Year! We're getting married this year!!!
Happy New Year!
We're getting married this year!!!
It's so awesome to finally say that it's 2011 and I'm getting married this year!! Yay for 2011!! Only 8 more months to go!! lol

And we also paid off the DJ and the photographers yesterday! What a great way to start the new year! lol

Happy new year WBC brides! And 2011 brides, It's finally our turn!
Chair Flowers
Centerpiece6Centerpiece8Chair FlowersFlowers9
Wedding Flowers
We have a florist!!
This is the one thing in wedding planning tha I was dreading... mostly because I wasn't sure what to expect, mostly price wise. But the florist we chose (which was also suggested by our venue) was amazing. She was very helpful and gave suggestions when we weren't sure on things. And the price was perfect. We had budgeted about $1500 for flowers and we only spent $1368. And that's with a 10% discount for paying in full. So I am really excited! I've seen some of their work at our venue before, so I know I won't be disappointed!

We're having 2 different centerpieces... six tables with the 3 tiered vases and six tables with the big bowl. I'm going to sprinkle the diamond confetti on the talbles too. =) We're going to have something similar to the chair flowers. Every other row of chairs will have one down the aisle. My bouqet will look like the one pictured. The girls will be the same just smaller and without the rhinestone accents. The guys will just have a fushia colored rose and then coursages and what not for the parents and grandparents
3 dresses
3 dresses
This is what I have decided on for my bridesmaids. I think all of these dresses all look great together. The dresses will be pool and the sash and peek-a-boo skirt will be white. I don't think I'll do the flower accessory because their bouqets will be all flowers (no greenery) So what do you ladies think?
WBC Brides!
You're all awesome!
I just wanted to let you all know how awesome you have all been! I appreciate all the feed back that I get (even on days when there isn't much) =) I hope you all are having a great time planning your special days! I know I am =)

I hope you all enjoy what ever holiday it is that you may celebrate this month =)
Wedding Cake
We ordered our cake!!
I'm so happy things are finally falling into place. On Saturday morning we went and tasted cake for the first time. Everything was so good. We're going with a similar style that is in the picture and it will be a white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and raspberry filling. The frosting was the best part!! The only way I can describe it was it was like eating air lol It was very light and creamy... Just so good! And the raspberry really made it... So now I really can't wait for the wedding so that I can have more of this cake!!! Best part was the price... We budgeted $800 for the cake and we only spend $620 to feed 125 people...
Blue Wedding Dress I bought my dress!!!
Wedding Dress
I bought my dress!!!
I'm so excited that I was finally able to buy my dress! I had been waiting for my bridal shop to have their yearly thanksgiving sale. I absolutly love my dress. I tried on another one that I liked, but I didn't feel the same in it. It's the maggie sottero Krystalyn Marie. I got 10% off the dress with free bussle and pressing and 30% off the veil for buying my dress during the sale.

I also had to buy a bridesmaids dress for my friend who is getting married in March. I had a dress picked out at Davids Bridal so I went there right after I bought my dress to see if they had it and they did!! The only one left in my size and in the exact color I needed! And it was on sale! Now I just need to get it altered because the top is a little too big. But I love it cause it has pockets!!! lol

Anyway, let me know what you think of my dress!!
Blue Engagement Pictures They're in!!TJ003Blue Engagement Pictures They're in!!TJ009TJ006TJ011TJ010TJ016TJ017TJ020TJ022TJ024TJ032TJ034TJ038TJ035
Engagement Pictures
They're in!!
We got our engagement pictures done on October 17th. I absolutly hate having my picture taken, so I was worried about how they would come out. But I think they came out so beautiful and perfect. the best part is, is that we get the right to ALL the photos :) They took 40 and did their thing and then put those one one cd and the rest of the raw files that the didn't touch up on another cd.

Let me know what you think!!

On another note, I am buying my dress on the 27th!!! The place that I am buying my dress from is having their yearly sale and almost all the dresses are 10-80% off and if you decide to buy the veil on the same day that will be 30% off!!!! I know that my dress is on sale but I don't know how much on sale. (I hope it's 80% lol)

-- For some reason my laptop is not uploading all of the pictures very well, so once the FH brings our computer home I will upload them from there :)
Weight loss
I am down 10 lbs!!
I have been working my butt off trying to loss weight before I buy my dress in November and it's finally starting to work!!! I'm finally down 10 lbs in 3 weeks! crazy!! I actually lost 7 lbs the first week and the next two weeks took a little longer to get the last 3 lbs. I am trying to lose a total of 80lbs, so only 70 more to go!! Obviously not by November, but just total :) I'm not doing anything too special. I have an amazingly yummy protein shake for breakfast (and sometimes lunch) and then low carb diet for everything else! Oh and excersize!! That's it! I'm hoping it all keeps coming off like this! lol I really would like to buy a smaller size than an 18!
I'm getting married in exactly one year!!!
I can't believe that in one year from today I will be Mrs. Nolin!! And I can't belive that a year a ago tomorrow we will have been engaged for one year! It's crazy how quickly this past year has gone by... I just hope this next year goes just as fast! I'm sending out my save the dates and I have already started working on the invitations. I'm just putting all the basic stuff together because I haven't printed the invitations or the inserts yet. I'm so excited for this next year.

Also, for a one year engagement, tomorrow we are going to see our venue because they are having a wedding tomorrow, and because it's one year from our weddings, they want us to see what it will look like all set it so that we can get an idea. Then we're going to the Boston Aquarium for the day. And then for an early birthday present for me, FH bought us tickets to go see Wicked!!!! I am so super excited and can't wait!!!


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