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Blue Invitations are done!! Time to assemble =)
Blue Invitations are done!! Time to assemble =)Blue Invitations are done!! Time to assemble =)
Invitations are done!!
Time to assemble =)
I finished the last part of gluing this morning, and am ready to start putting everything together and into envelopes!! I can't wait to get these out so that I can start getting the RSVP's back lol. I will be checking the mail every day!
Blue DIY Wedding My latest Project
DIY Wedding
My latest Project
I made Reserved seating signs for our VIPs... our parents and grandparents. I think they came out so cute! I had a bunch of left over paper from doing my invitations so I just used that. I hope I used enough ribbon for them to tie around the chairs! If not, they'll have to tape them on lol what do you ladies think?
Blue Wedding Dress First fitting!
Blue Wedding Dress First fitting!Blue Wedding Dress First fitting!Blue Wedding Dress First fitting!Blue Wedding Dress First fitting!
Wedding Dress
First fitting!
My first fitting went awesome!! I don't need any alterations... the dress fit perfect! All the had to do was the bustle, which I didn't have to pay for because where I bought the dress it was included in the price. I just hope that at my finial fitting it still fits because I am still losing weight. We're doing a biggest loser style competition at work, and I've been doing really well, so we'll see!! What do you think of the pictures!!
DIY Wedding
We started making the boxes for our center pieces. We need to bring these to the Florist before the wedding and she'll set them up. It will look similar to the second picture. I can't wait to see how the final product at the wedding comes out! Oh, and we're doing 2 different centerpieces too. The last picture is similar to our 2nd centerpiece. What do you think?
My Dress
My Dress
wedding shoes
My Dresswedding shoes
Wedding Dress
My first fitting is Saturday!!
I am so excited to see my dress!!! I haven't seen it since I bought it in November. It will be so nice to have it on again =) I'm sure I won't want to take it off! lol I hope everything goes smoothly!!

I also got my shoes yesterday and I love them!! I hadn't seen them in person just in a catolog, so I was worried I that they wouldn't fit and that I wouldn't like them... But they are super cute!!

We're also picking up the bridesmaids dresses on Saturday as well... I am so glad things are finally falling in to place! It's starting to get a little more real everytime we do something big lol
Blue DIY Wedding Tears of Joy Packets
DIY Wedding
Tears of Joy Packets
Our tears of Joy packets =) I didn't think I was going to be able to make these because the kleenex tissue packets were too big for the envelopes that I bought. But I went to Rite Aid this morning and I happened to find some generic tissue packets that were smaller and were only $1 for a pack of 6!!! What a great and surprising find! I think these came out so cute =) What do you ladies think?
bridesmaids dresses
bridesmaids dresses
Dresses are done!!
We have checked bridesmaid dresses of the list. We chose the two dresses to the left. They are both from davids bridal and I think the look great next to each other. I had my sister and my matron of honor stand next to each other (one in each dress) and it looked awesome. All of the pulls are in the same spots and they are both the crinkle chiffon, which I think helps pull the two dresses together. My maid and matron of honor will be wearing the halter dress and my other 3 bridesmaids will be wearing the strapless. All of the girls have their dresses, except for my maid of honor, who lives in a different state (I'm in NH she's in FL) so she will be getting hers soon. But I am so happy that this is FINALLY checked of my list. I think this has been the most stressful part of the wedding so far lol

Anyway, let me know what you think!!
table linens
table linens
Wedding Decoration
We have table and chair linens!
As the header says, we have linens! I am so excited about this because FH said he didin't really want them... he just wanted some table linens and nothing on the chairs. We had a couple of pictures that we had brought with us because FH just liked the runners and I liked the full table cloth. We actually didn't end up going with either of these lol... While the lady was setting up the tables I really liked how the napkins looked being drapped over the table with just the white table cloth, so that's what we ended up picking. And I LOVE the chair sashes! I didn't want tthe normal straight across the back, so she did this side knot for me and I love it =) She did it with a bow too, but FH said it looked too Disney hahaha. So a knot it is.... Best part of all is the price, which is why FH actually said yes. $520 for all the tables and chair covers with sashes AND she is doing a special sweetheart table design for us for free as a wedding gift.
We booked it!!
I am so excited that we finally booked our honeymoon!!! We booked it Friday night after we figured out what we were doing for our traveling plans. We decided that we're going to go to Sandals Grande Antigua first from the 5th until the 11th and then go to Disney from the 11th until the 17th. It will be a nice 2 week vacation/honeymoon for us. I hope September gets here soon because I really can't wait! lol Especially for Disney because I am such a little kid when I go there =)
Where to go first??
So the FH and I are doing a 2 week honeymoon and we're going to 2 different destinations. We're doing 5 days at Sandals Grande Antigua and 6 days at Disney (because I absolutely love Disney lol). But we're not sure where we should go first. Should we go to Sandals first and relax for a week after all the stressful wedding planing? Or go to Disney first and then spend our last week relaxing at Sandals? I have a poll going on our website or you can let me know on here what you would do. I keep going back and forth on what I want to do and can't decide lol


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