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Bridal Shower
It's Sunday!!!
I'm so excited for my bridal shower!! I get to see all of my favorite people and have an awesome time. I'm a little nervous though because I don't do well being in the spot light (which should be interesting at the wedding lol) but I am happy that my old friends (and family) finally get to meet my new friends. I'm just excited =)
DIY Wedding
I made our menus last night. They didn't take too long to make actually. The hardest part was getting everything to line up correctly in publisher. it took maybe 5 minutes to put it all together. I think they came out great! And it will definitely add something to the tables. What do you ladies think? (I took the picture with my phone so it's not the best)
menu, diy
Blue Wedding Nightmares I've had 3!!!
Wedding Nightmares
I've had 3!!!
Yup... 3... they're not so much fun lol the first two aren't that bad, but the last one is probably because of stuff I am stressing about.

So the first nightmare, FH and I have to call off the wedding because FH informs me that he is gay.. yes gay lol... and he already has this other guy that he's been seeing. Of course in the dream I am freaking out and mad that he didn't tell me he is gay hahaha

Second dream is the day of the wedding I'm walking around the venue (which isn't even our venue) and the flowers weren't right and nothing was really set up. I didn't have my dress and then my dad shows up wearing jeans and a polo and I'm screaming at him saying "you ruined everything!"

And the third dream was just the other night. it was the day of the wedding again, and I didn't have my dress, so I needed to go pick it up along with our rings. FH tells me that I need to make sure I have some thing blue. So We get to the ring store and my e ring looks like its made of cardboard and has a stain on it so I ask "why is there a stain?" and the jewelry says that it must be from the cleaning. So then I realize I need to go get my hair done, but I can't remember where i made my appt. Then I realize where it is and that I never went to my trial so I was freaking out. Then I am sitting in the reception area (which isn't our real reception area) and a waitress comes over and sits a party of 5 at the table I am sitting at, one of which is a kid. So I look at them and said "You know this is an adult only reception right?" And they were like "so"... And then I said "I don't even know you guys! Why are you here!?!" They said that my cousin invited them... then i was looking around the room and there were a bunch of kids! So I said to my self "well people are going to end up bringing kids any way" lol So then I go sit at another table and I see the cake and say "Oh cake!" I go over and look at it and it's not the right cake and then I got really upset because I forgot the cake topper! And then I woke up hahaha

So yeah... those were my nightmares haha I think the last one was caused because I am worried about not having everything or forgetting something or something not going right.

Any one else been having these dreaded wedding nightmares?
Blue DIY Wedding Cake Topper
DIY Wedding
Cake Topper
So, here is the start to my cake topper. I decided to make my own when I found the perfect cake topper and it was over $100... and there was no way I was spending that much on a cake topper. So I went to Michaels, and found the curly "N" which was $3, then I found the sheet of different sized swarovski crystals for $15 (plus I had a 20% off your entire purchase including sale prices coupon). I already had the silver metallic spray paint. It's been pretty simple so far. Although I do need to find one size smaller for the crystals for a few little spots. Is anyone else making their cake toppers?
Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry We have our rings =)
Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry We have our rings =)Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry We have our rings =)Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry We have our rings =)
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
We have our rings =)
I love our rings! They both fit us perfectly! now I really can't wait until the wedding cause I want to wear my ring! lol We're thinking about getting a second band for me at our 5th or 10th anniversary. I need to have my E ring sent out to be rhodium dipped around the second week of August to make it match my band.
FH ring
FH ring
FH ringBlue Wedding Rings And Jewelry We're picking up our rings tomorrow!!
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
We're picking up our rings tomorrow!!
I'm so excited that we're picking up our rings tomorrow!! FH ring is the pic to the left... he was picky about what he wanted, but I don't blame him since he'll be wearing it for the rest of his life lol.I also had the ring engraved to say "Forever and Always"... he doesn't know that though, it's a surprise =) I'm not too sure what mine looks like since I've only seen it once and that was about 4 years ago when we first looked at rings lol. It's a matching band to my engagement ring and has the same micropave setting as the side of the E ring. I'm excited and will hopefully post more pictures tomorrow!!
Blue Got my first RSVPs!!!!! So excited!!
Got my first RSVPs!!!!!
So excited!!
I received my first RSVPs today in the mail! I got 3 =) Well technically one was given to me at work today, but still! It's so exciting =) and all are accepts... Hoping they're not all accepts because that would be waaaay to many people lol
Blue Ceremony programs Perfect!
Ceremony programs
I just found the most beautiful and perfect ceremony programs ever! I've been looking for something that would allow me to put everything I want in them while also keeping it classy. And these are really perfect! These were done by Mrs. Emerald on Weddingbee and she did an amazing job designing them. She's inspired a few people to do similar programs. Anyway, here's the link to her programs!
Wedding Favors
I have no idea how many lbs of M&Ms I should get...
So FH and I are trying to figure out how many lbs of M&Ms we should get. And I figured what better place to find out then WBC =) We are doing the pillow boxes pictured left.... we want to fill them about half way and we have 120 boxes to fill. Any ideas?
Blue Goodbye Invitations... Hello RSVPs!!
Blue Goodbye Invitations... Hello RSVPs!!Blue Goodbye Invitations... Hello RSVPs!!Blue Goodbye Invitations... Hello RSVPs!!Blue Goodbye Invitations... Hello RSVPs!!Blue Goodbye Invitations... Hello RSVPs!!
Goodbye Invitations...
Hello RSVPs!!
My invitations are in the mail!!! Wooooo!!!! I finished the last one around 10 last night and mailed them out this morning when the PO opened. I can't wait to start seeing those RSVPs in my mail box, then I can start getting an idea of a head count. Now I can focus more time on all the other things I need to finish like programs, menus, favors centerpieces... and the list keeps going lol


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