Blue I'm a Mrs!! Finally got my pro-pics in !
Blue I'm a Mrs!! Finally got my pro-pics in !Blue I'm a Mrs!! Finally got my pro-pics in !Blue I'm a Mrs!! Finally got my pro-pics in !Blue I'm a Mrs!! Finally got my pro-pics in !

I'm a Mrs!!
Finally got my pro-pics in !

Hi ladies! I hope all of your wedding plans are going well! I just wanted to share some of our pro pics with you. They came out so well and I am very happy with them. The day of the wedding was amazing! Things couldn't have gone any better. I really think I had the perfect day. The honeymoon was fantastic too. We did one week at Sandals Grande Antigua and one week at Disney World. The weather was absolutely amazing. We definitely couldn't have asked for a better 2 weeks! All the fun though was gone when I got back to work. After being at work for 3 days I lost my job. I got a "we know the timing isn't good but..." So now I am trying to find a job in this very crappy market, but I am trying to make the best of the situation.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy our pictures as much as I do!!

For some reason, I am having a really hard time uploading my pictures (like always) so sorry if they are coming in slowly!
megandear's Purple wedding
 |  Chilliwack, BC, Canada  |  10/08/2011  | 
Your dress is so pretty and so are the bridesmaids dresses, beautiful color!!
darylluvstarah's Pink wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  10/08/2011  | 
Congratulations, you were so beautiful and looked so happy.
kristah's Green wedding
 |  Langley, BC, Canada  |  10/08/2011  | 
that little belt over the lace on your dress is just stunning! I love it! Your bridesmaids dresses were beautiful as well, well done :)
littlelamb's Purple wedding
 |  Petrolia, ON, Canada  |  10/08/2011  | 
Congratulations!!! You're pictures are great you look so happy and stunning! Your honeymoon sounded amazing! You are just like me! I want a resort getaway but I always want something fun like Disney :) Im glad you did both!!! Godd luck in your happily ever after!!! :)
hannikay's Pink wedding
 |  Nilma, Andorra la vella, Australia  |  10/09/2011  | 
You look so happy! I love your dress and colour choices! And I'm super glad that everything worked out so incredibly. Really sorry to hear about your job though, I know how you would be feeling... Hope it doesn't take to long to get another one.
kwepie117's Red wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  10/09/2011  | 
Congrats!! You look soo pretty!!!
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