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Anyone else having problems opening pics?

I can't seem to open any pictures, on any computer I try... and it's really annoying. I want to be able to see the detail that people are putting into their work, but when I try to open the picture or change a picture, I get nothing. Anyone else having this issue???
stillinlove's Pink wedding
 |  NY, USA  |  08/13/2011  | 
YES!!  I have been issues uploading pictures to my blog and when I try to look at other pictures on other people's blogs I just see a big red x.  It is very annoying!
bella247's Black wedding
 |  Indianapolis, IN, USA  |  08/13/2011  | 
Mine have been doing the same thing. Go to your help desk and write in.
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  08/13/2011  | 
I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
live2sing's Blue wedding
 |  Port elgin, ON, Canada  |  08/13/2011  | 
Yes same problem as stillinlove....very annoying!
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
 |  Pineville, LA, USA  |  08/13/2011  | 
UGHHH!!! Yessss!!! It is soo annoying! I posted about this the other day & the WBC team commented on my blog saying they were going to work on it!! & I agree with you, I like to see the detail of ya'lls pics!

PLEASE fix this WBC!!!
's  wedding
 |  Washington, DC, USA  |  08/14/2011  | 
OMG YES, i thought i was the only one experiencing this. its soo annoying. they need to fix this.
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  08/14/2011  | 
Yes, I am having trouble as well! Sooooo frustrating!
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
 |  Pineville, LA, USA  |  08/14/2011  | 
& it is STILL not fixed!!!
megandear's Purple wedding
 |  Chilliwack, BC, Canada  |  08/14/2011  | 
Here I thought I was the only one having issues, excellent it's not my computer!
ammyrsa's Yellow wedding
 |  Durban, Canillo, South africa  |  08/15/2011  | 
You know, I have been having this problem since last week, at first I thought maybe its our work internet restriction, then again today I tried to upload photos from my bridal shower for you ladies.........it did not complete the upload....was about to post about it....Its really annoying!!!!
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