My ribbon bouquet that my sister made :)
My ribbon bouquet that my sister made :)
Beautiful cake thanks to my Matron of Honor
Killing the cake lol
Trying to get the grass skirt on
My ribbon bouquet that my sister made :)Beautiful cake thanks to my Matron of HonorFavors!Killing the cake lolTrying to get the grass skirt on

My Bridal Shower
The Good and the Bad

So my bridal shower was this past Sunday. I had an absolutely amazing time! Everyone was so great and it was nice to see so many people come out for me. There was a ton of food and an amazing cake. everyone was chatting with each other and really enjoying themselves. My only problem during the whole thing was when my FMIL showed up. She was a little late because she got lost (which a few people did so no biggie) but what upset me was that she was there for maybe 5 minutes, kind of said hi to me and then turns to FH aunt and tells her that FH brother and SIL are expecting their first child... FH brother and SIL didn't want people to know yet, but because my FMIL favors FH brother over him, she always seems to make everything about him. I had a feeling that this might happen at the wedding, but not at my bridal shower. I even had a few of the guest say something to me, because it wasn't like she was being quiet about it. But other than that one little mishap, everything was great!! Even did some swimming =)
chelsea11's Red wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  08/02/2011  | 
That's fabulous you had a great time, very uncool of your FMIL to steal your thunder that way! I hate that!
bella247's Black wedding
 |  Indianapolis, IN, USA  |  08/02/2011  | 
Good to hear you had a wonderful time! :)  I agree so not cool for her to do that. In the future you might have to put your foot down and show her whats up. Wish you the best Girl! :)
soon2bekatieg's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  08/02/2011  | 
Congrats ona  beautiful shower! Looks like your tropical theme was rocking and you really enjoyed yourself. How cute is your cake too! Very thoughtful of you girls to put a photo of you and hubby to be on the cake. Its beautiful and you should feel blessed to have good friends and family.

So not cool what FMIL did but atleast other recognized it. I dont think there's anything you can really say, and doing so would cause tension. No worries though... this is your moment and while a new baby is exciting so is your marriage.

PS I love your bow bouquet! I cant wait to see how my bridal shower bow bouquet turns out!!! My girls stole all my ribbons and are assembling it for me. Should turn out beautiful and I'm really looking forward to getting it back on rehearsal day.
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Luanda, Luanda, Angola  |  08/03/2011  | 
awww so sorry for what ur FMIL did! not not cool!! but i love ur cake and bouquet! u had fun and u getting married thats what matters! congrats hun
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