Wedding Cake
We ordered our cake!!

I'm so happy things are finally falling into place. On Saturday morning we went and tasted cake for the first time. Everything was so good. We're going with a similar style that is in the picture and it will be a white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and raspberry filling. The frosting was the best part!! The only way I can describe it was it was like eating air lol It was very light and creamy... Just so good! And the raspberry really made it... So now I really can't wait for the wedding so that I can have more of this cake!!! Best part was the price... We budgeted $800 for the cake and we only spend $620 to feed 125 people...
vicenta's Green wedding
 |  Lufkin, TX, USA  |  12/06/2010  | 
Very pretty cake! Great job on staying with in your budget too!
's  wedding
 |  Collinsville, IL, USA  |  12/07/2010  | 
Mhmmmmm....sounds yummy! lol
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  05/07/2011  | 
I love the cake you have pictured! This was a cake I took to my baker for inspiration =) we decided to do something a little more unexpected but this is lovely =)
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