We would love, love, love to go out west for our honeymoon. Lake Louise or Whistler would be ideal, I can't believe how much more expensive it is to travel within your own country.

I want to go white water rafting and zip lining but we might be going to late in the year for rafting :(
So many people say that the mountains and lakes are so beautiful and breath taking that I want to see it for myself. My fiancé and I did the whole Mexico thing last winter and I'm not really a sunbathing kind of girl so we think a fall trip out west would be fantastic!
jajb2010's Black wedding
 |  Calgary, AB, Canada  |  10/09/2009  | 
Do it...I went white water rafting last year in Kicking Horse BC and it was truely amazing..I've gone to Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper and my favorite is Jasper by far. We rented a log cabin with a wood burning fireplace we had chipmunks on our decks we had Elks eating just outside our windows it was just amazing. I'm a Nature lover and to me that was the best vacation ever. so I hope you do get to enjoy the mountains.
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 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  10/09/2009  | 
i went out west a couple summers ago and the mountains are amazing!! i went at the end of august/early september and it was the last rafting weekend for all the companies in the area (kicking horse, bc - banff, ab). i flew using westjet and they were awesome and reasonably priced. ive also flown using porter airlines and i highly recommend them. they fly off toronto island to only a few places (chicago, montreal, new york, boston, st johns), not really where you want to go but something might spark your imagination.


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 |  Brisbane, La massana, Australia  |  10/21/2009  | 
i get so mad when flying in canada.. it's such a RIP OFF.
anyways.. just a piece of advice.

sign up to receive specials for air canada and west jet.. you put your preferred cities that you are traveling to and they send you emails when seat sales go on sale for those cities.. i see calgary go on sale quite often :)
so if you investigate enough, you can get a good deal!
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 |  Dedham, MA, USA  |  10/24/2009  | 
Whitewater rafting is soooooo much fun!  I never though I would do it, and was scared at first, but I went I got out there I didn't want it to end.  The rush you get when you hit a level 4 rapid is awesome!  Might do a trip for my bachelorette.  

A honeymoon in the mountains sounds so romantic!  And I love the mountains in the fall.  Just go back from leaf peeping in Vermont.  Love it!
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