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activity books
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Hey Girls!! Well i finally got all of my pictures uploaded on my computer of all of my progress. Ive been so busy lately that I haven't had time to do anything with all of my pictures! So here they are!

Activity books are printed and put together with ribbon. I got 20 of them printed and am putting them on a table as soon as you walk into the reception with 20 packs of crayons for the kids.

The alter flowers were made by a lady on etsy...they are amazing!! I love them! I need to wrap the black bottom part in white tulle...then they will be done. They are each in a tall vase and will go on a pillar that will go on the stage at the church. Love!

The next picture is of the boutoneers (SP?) I made for the grandmothers (left) and Groomsman (right). I think for the dads and groom they will get a white tulip with white ribbon. Not sure about granddads? ideas?

I made the brochure for the OOT guests. Got them printed to put in the OOT baskets for the hotel rooms.

Bridal shower stuff is next: I am going to make cake pops for the shower. I love making them!! This was my first attempt...so the one for the shower will be a little bit prettier! :) The next picture is what we are getting made for the favors! I think they look so cute. Then we have 2 of the 4 games we are playing. and the tie breakers. The BS invitation is next..i love it! The envelopes were all colorful and fun! Plus I got our address return stamp from etsy and I love it! so cute!

Next are the bridesmaid and groomsman gifts with their gift bags. Simple but thoughtful!

Last is the hanger that my wedding dress will be hanging on! :)

Phew...sorry for the long message!!! I wanted to get everyone caught up on everything! :)
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 |  Springfield, IL, USA  |  04/06/2012  | 
I love everything you have done!! I think your cake pops are already perfect! Can't wait to hear about your shower. I really like the OOT brochures, what program did you use? You did such a good job on everything!!
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I enjoyed my shower so much and appreciate everyone who came out to celebrate with me! So today I...
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