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Can't Decide on just ONE
FH and I have finally decided to have a very small wedding party. We agreed to have 1 MOH and 1 Bestman. I can't decide between my SIS or my Bestfriend. And he can't decide between his two bestfriends. Uggghhhhhh what are we to do !

Black Wedding Planner Wedding Do's and Dont's
Wedding Planner
Wedding Do's and Dont's
Here is a simple list of Do's and Don'ts from Emily Post to keep in mind as you compile your guest list and begin sending out invitations.

Wedding Invitation Do's:

■Do allow plenty of time. Plan enough time in your schedule to carefully address, assemble, and mail your invitations.
■Do get organized. Develop a system for addressing and mailing your invitations. Prepare by gathering the names and addresses of everyone on your guest list. Arrange each piece that goes into an invitation in a stack, in the order it will be picked up, assembled, and inserted into the envelope.
■Do ask for help. Invite friends, family or bridal attendants to help assemble invitations
■Do use the names of all guests when possible. It is much warmer and more welcoming to use the correct names of those who will accompany your guests on invitations instead of "and guest."
■Do use Correct Titles. It's flattering when invitations are addressed correctly. This means using appropriate titles and spelling names correctly. When in doubt, ask before addressing.
Wedding Invitation Don'ts:

■Don't forget to include any appropriate inserts, such as maps, directions or hotel information for out-of-town guets.
■Don't include registry or gift information with your invitation. It is in poor taste to insert a list of places where the bride and groom are registered or a checklist of the things they want and don't want.
■Don't use a standby guest list. When possible, invite your entire guest list at the same time rather than waiting to see how many people accept before sending out a second round of invitations. When the guest list is carefully planned, and when you consider the likelihood that 10-20 percent of invited guests typically send regrets, this approach is much more straightforward than using a standby list.
■Don't address invitations with labels. Always address wedding invitation envelopes by hand, even when inviting hundreds of guests.
Just watched Extreme Couponing on TLC
I was just watching Extreme Couponing on TLC and all I can say is OMG. These people are getting $1,300 worth of groceries for only $45.00. I might need to start doing a little couponing myself.

Is there anyone that has an coupon addition on WBC ?
It is possible in same room!
FH and I have been considering having the ceremony and reception at a hotel in the same room. I found this video to have a more visual look at how its done .

Wedding Timelapse at Tewin Bury Farm, Tythe Barn from FX Films on Vimeo.

Black New Bride Hello ALL
New Bride
Hello ALL
Hello ALL ,

I have been peeping on Wedding By Color since I started planning. So today i decided to go ahead and make myself a blog to share and get ideas. A little bit about myself.

Mea & Lew
When we met: September 11, 2009
When he proposed: February 14,2011
Wedding Date: September 15,2012
Wedding Theme: Royal Elegance
Wedding Color: Dark Purple, Silver and Fleur De Lis
Wedding Party : 1 Maid Of Honor 1 BM and 1 JRBM ,2 Bestman
Wedding Guest: 50 or less
Budget: Cheaper the better

Welcome to my wedding blog! I can't wait to meet everyone!


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Houston, Texas, United States
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i cant wait to marry my bestfriend and soulmate Our colors are Black, silver and white with fleur de lis.
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