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std proof
std proof
actual save the date card
std proofactual save the date card
Save the Date
Finally Ordered
FH and I finally agreed on a save the card. It was a lot over my budget , but I couldn't stop think about them.
Wedding Budget
Change of plans ........ I'm a destination bride now
FH and I have been up talking about changing our wedding plans to save money . We weighted the pros/cons and after long consideration it's finally . We have called our immediate family and they are all excited about it. We was planning to go to Vegas for our honeymoon anyway. We rather save the money and put it toward a house or car. We just did a rough budget of everything and we fiqured like $3,000 .

Now I have to send out Save the Dates to see who is actually willing to go. The wedding date will still be on the same date, unless it's cheaper on another month . We estimated about 12 guest total. All that really matters anyway is that our immediate family is there with us.
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I see alot of ladies doing it and I wanna have one too !
groom tux
groom tux
groomsmen tux
groom tuxgroomsmen tuxcufflinkssocksshoes
Tux/Shoes *DONE
All the men attire is done
Black Wedding Flowers Centerpiece Inspiration
Black Wedding Flowers Centerpiece InspirationBlack Wedding Flowers Centerpiece InspirationBlack Wedding Flowers Centerpiece InspirationBlack Wedding Flowers Centerpiece InspirationBlack Wedding Flowers Centerpiece Inspiration
Wedding Flowers
Centerpiece Inspiration
Since I can't find dark purple flowers I like. I'm now leaning towards white flowers in a silver vase and votive candles.
Changed Wedding Date
Well FH and I was looking over the budget this past weekend and noticed what we have spent so far.So he came up with the bright idea to change the date to Sunday to save $1,500 on the venue. I was really against a Sunday wedding, because I didn't want my reception to end early. After a long disussion FH came up with 9/2/12 since everyone will be off Monday for the holiday. I went this morning to sign another contract and he did save over 1500 .
Outside of pocketfold design #1
Outside of pocketfold design #1
Outside of pocketfold design #2
eggpant and silver invite
silver pocketfold with outside design #1
silver pocketfold invite
Outside of pocketfold design #1Outside of pocketfold design #2eggpant and silver invitesilver pocketfold with outside design #1silver pocketfold invite
DIY Wedding
Invitation Mock-up * Help me choose
I need a little help on choosing one design. Please choose a outside design and inside design .

FYI: The colors are eggplant and silver
pomander ball for top
#1#2pomander ball for top
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Which vase looks best ?
I been looking for vases for the altar.I have also included a picture of the pomander ball that will sit on top. Which one do you like best ?
rsvp romona
rsvp romona
rsvp romonaBlack Wedding Dress Shoes - DONE
Wedding Dress
Shoes - DONE
I searched high and low and finally found shoes that I love .
infinity dress
infinity dress
My girls will wear the plum-purple infinity dress


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i cant wait to marry my bestfriend and soulmate Our colors are Black, silver and white with fleur de lis.
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