This is twistedgirl11's Blue Wedding!

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Trying on
Trying on
Back of Dress
Top of dress
Trying onBack of DressTop of dress
Wedding Dress
My Dress is in!
I got my dress last week. The color turned out so much better then what I thought it would!

(Don't mind my horrible tan lines. lol)
car ride home
Kittenscar ride home
My new babies are home!
New additions to my life!
So for those of you who commented before about my soon to be new babies... here they are!

We drove out to Indiana Friday night and stayed over night then drove to Ohio the next day were we picked up Roxy & Cam. (Boy and girl) 10 weeks old

They have been so entertaining and sometimes a handful but do they melt my heart when they look at me with those blue eyes and start purring. So happy!
kittens, cat, ohio
The girl
The girl
The boy
Panda - RIP 3-28-2011
The girlThe boyBlue My new kittens! Road trip to Ohio
My new kittens!
Road trip to Ohio
So obviously, this has nothing to do with my wedding but I have to share my excitement!

A month ago my Himalayan cat Panda passed away at 21 years of age. I had her since I was in kinder garden. (She is the last picture)
She has been my life and I cried for about a week straight. I had her cremated and her ashes returned so now I am putting her to rest and remembering all the good times. :)

My fiance knew I needed some time to grieve and this last week I was able to hang up panda's picture on the wall and smile at her without crying.

Now we are on a road trip starting tonight to Ohio to pick up two new himalayan/persian kittens. A boy and girl and I'm so extremely excited!
I have felt like a lil kid in disney world all day today. My fiance found them for me and he is paying for them both... happy easter to me!!! =D

Thanks for reading and allowing me to share my new found joys that will soon be home with me and my fiance! Love you ladies!!
pink orchids
blue-orchids-wedding-bouquetblue-orchid-boutineerpink orchids
Wedding Flowers
Blue Orchids
My flowers for the center pieces & my Bouquet!!

I'm going to try mixing these flowers with some hot pink flowers of some sort with them for the tables. My dress has the lighter 'marine blue" in the boob part & in the back but I think having a mix of the blue and pink would be pretty!!

What do you think? Would the blue and pink look good?
Hawaii wedding for us!
Wedding on the beach
We are getting married in Hawaii, just the two of us.

We are planning on doing a sunset wedding on the beach of Hawaii, not for sure where exactly but it'll be amazing no matter where! Then we have two weeks of hawaiian beaches to explore and enjoy for our honey moon!
Hall 1
Hall 1
Hall 2
Hall 3
Hall Window 1
Hall 1Hall 2Hall 3Hall Window 1
Wedding Reception
Our Reception Hall
We found a great reception hall! Only for 500$

It has big windows over looking the gold course, a buffet room, fireplace & a full bar!! So happy!


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