Wedding Cake
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So, my mom has connections & my moms connection had a unique connection!!!! A gourmet cake maker !!!! We had a cake tasting with 16 mini cupcakes flavors and fillings included amerretto*, strawberry, peaunutbutter made with receses* peaunutbutter cups, raspberry, blueberry, chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, cookies and cream made with Oreos, and butter cream.... We also had her flavored cakes meaning chocolate & vanilla I am having a 4 teired alternating circles and square 4 layer each teiresias vanilla cake with strawberry, peanut butter w/ the peanut butter cups, amaretto, and cookies and creme fillings with vanilla butter creame as the icing she will use marshmellow fondant (the yummy fondant) for decor & white chocolate molded starfish sanddollars and seashells oh &my topper will be white chocolate coral reef and a fondant post mark will sit on my 3rd teir my monogram :-)
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Well, we're at a stump right now. I watned a cake, but I think we are going with cupcakes! I love...
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