Pink Wedding Budget My budget was a decision =)

Wedding Budget
My budget was a decision =)

After being emailed in refrencec to my budget I felt the need to let you all know:
I wasnt a budget bride I choose to prove that you can have a platinum wedding without spending 10 thousand dollars+ on your 15 minutes of fame......I am a wedding planner & I see it ALL THE TIME!

I always dreamed of a beautiful wedding with all the bells & whistles but I never knew the struggle behind it people take out loans & starve themselves for this. I am all for budgeting and planning but why not just pay for the things you want that you can afford and not attempt the impossible......Like $250.00 centerpeices when you drive a broken down 1995 kia sophia Im just saying!
I am going before god and my man washed away from worldly things (meaning being destracted from the word-gods word- trying to keep up w/ the Jonses) and tacky traditions Im doing this the way mom and pops did w/o going to the court house so ladies prepare your selfs its about to go down lol
FOR UNDER 1500 =)
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Luanda, Luanda, Angola  |  06/16/2011  | 
you go girl!!!!!!!! if u can and want to do it pay no mind to naysayers its ur day and ur money do with it as you wish!
travala's Pink wedding
 |  Daytona beach, FL, USA  |  06/16/2011  | 
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Well Ladies, I just added up again how much this wedding is going to cost. I have been pretty ...
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