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Blue Countdown!!! 30 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!
30 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!
Well ladies, I have 30 days left before I become the MRS. I am so excited! In a way Im ready for everything to just be done with (planning, phone calls, etc.). Dont get me wrong, I love doing these things, but now that it is down to the last couple of days, Im starting to feel the pressure and everything is getting on my nerves. We have alot done, but still alot to do. I cant wait until the big day though. I've been waiting for the day when I can call myself Mrs. Edwin Davis =D

Happy planning ladies
My MOH & BM dresses
The color is Beautiful
The back bustled
My MOH & BM dressesThe color is BeautifulI LOVE MY DRESS!The back bustled
Wedding Dress
Our 1st fitting.. So excited!!!!!
WE WENT FOR OUR 1st FITTING. I was SOOOO excited. My dress is BEAUTIFUL! I LOOOVE IT. IT'S A ONE OF A KIND SO I'M VERY PROUD OF MYSELF! Eventhough only 4 out of 11 girls made it to the fitting (thats another story), We had a great time. I cant wait for FH to see my dress. And the girls were beautiful.

What do you think?
Bridal party champagn flutes
Bridal party champagn flutes
Picture card box.
2010-02-13 23.25.39
2010-02-13 23.27.04
Isle Runner part 1
Part 2 (outlining)
Finish results
We looove it!
Bridal party champagn flutesPicture card box.Blue DIY Wedding I lOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!Blue DIY Wedding I lOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!Isle Runner part 1Part 2 (outlining)Blue DIY Wedding I lOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!Blue DIY Wedding I lOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!Finish resultsWe looove it!
DIY Wedding
I lOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some of the decorations I've been working on during my time away.

What do you think.?
Blue Wedding Invitation DIY Invitations! Done and Out!!!
2010-02-02 23.15.56
Wedding Invitation
DIY Invitations! Done and Out!!!
I know its been a while since my last post, but we have been VERY busy. Well here are our DIY Invitations. I did the wording myself. Then FH cousin tweeked the font a little, added the ribbon, and the little hearts. She also made gift registry and directional cards. She did all this and assembled for .50ct /invitation. IS THAT A STEAL OR WHAT!!! We love them, especially the monogram in the background. Our guest loved them too.
Blue Wedding Website Check out our wedding website!!!!
Wedding Website
Check out our wedding website!!!!
We've finally found a site that we are completely happy with. We started the site thing about 2wks ago with but that didnt turn out so well. After all our hard work, the pages we wanted was not included in the package we wanted, which was the FREE one. It's still up but nolonger being used.

After hearing so many good things about from so many of you, we decided to try it out. WE LOVE IT! It was simple, elegant, and FREE, FREE, FREE! Our friends and family had no problems and found it very easy to work with. What we like most about it is the guest can RSVP on the site....IT GETS NO BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!

My fellow WBC brides, you ladies are more than welcome to view or site. Dont forget to sign our guest book. It would be an honor!
PW: 33311 (if asked)

Plz post your feedback..... no feedback is bad feedback!
Bride bouquet
BM bouquet
flowersBride bouquetF2F3BM bouquetmothersmen
Wedding Flowers
I LOVE THESE!!!! What do you think?
I absolutely love this bouquet. I love the tiffany blue flowers. I want my flowers to have the blue and white with the silver pins/rhinstones.

#2-6.) I found these on a fellow WBC bride blog and I thought they were beatiful. I love how they also included the blue.

Im thinking of using Calla Lillies and Orchids or Roses. Im using silk flowers and Im making 2 for me, 1 to keep, and 1 to toss.

What do you ladies think?
Blue 4 Months left!!!!! I can't be nervous already!?!
4 Months left!!!!!
I can't be nervous already!?!
Well, we've FINALY hit our 4 month mark. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. In the mist of all this planning, I barely have time for anything. However, I've found time to be nervous! HEY, HOW DID YOU SNEAK IN HERE.. LOL! I told one of my coworkers that I was starting to feel the time crunch and she was like "at 4 months, girl you aint seen nothing yet!" IT GETS WORST..... SAY IT AINT SO!!!!

Most of our check list is complete. Well a lot of the major things should I say. Our invitaitons are in the works as we speak. I'll post pics when they're complete. FH's cousin is making them for us. She does this type of things on the side. Can you believe she's only charging us $0.50/ invitation, and that's to assemble and everything. THANK GOD FOR HER!!! We are still looking around for a cake with a decent price. I tried Publix and they told me a cake that feeds 150 people would cost $420. WOW... kinda expensive. We also need linens and the place settings for the tables. Thanx to mintcy bride, I plan to check out Divine Disposables. They have really good prices on their place settings.

But I'm thankful I have family and friends to help me through it. You ladies have also been an inspiration to me in you own way. Plz keep the advice and ideas coming!
the back of our venue
the front
lobby area
stage we we will sit. in pic: FH, FMIL, & FGIL
stage veiw, they provide the table and chairs
corner where DJ will be
Full bar area
Full kitchen with ice maker
Side room to line up
the back of our venue
My mom and I at a Mock wedding
my lil cousin (MOH) and I
the frontBlue Wedding/Reception Finally, pictures of our venue!!!!!lobby areastage we we will sit. in pic: FH, FMIL, & FGILstage veiw, they provide the table and chairsBlue Wedding/Reception Finally, pictures of our venue!!!!!corner where DJ will beFull bar areaFull kitchen with ice makerBlue Wedding/Reception Finally, pictures of our venue!!!!!Side room to line upthe back of our venueMy mom and I at a Mock weddingmy lil cousin (MOH) and I
Finally, pictures of our venue!!!!!
My history: When i was just a little girl, I used to come to this place at least x2 a yr with my summer camp. As kids, we did what they called "Mock Weddings." They would pick an officiant, bride and groom from the older groups, a MOH and BMan from another, BMs and GMs from another, and FG and RB from the younger groups. They would set it up like a real wedding and everything. Bascially, it was a wedding except every1 was illegal LOL. We went through the WHOLE process. I loved it!

Anyway, about 5 yrs ago, my mom and some of her friends had a party here and FH and I went. It was his 1st time there and he LOVED it. Especially the outside, he thought the scenary was beatiful, which it is.

We planned to have our wedding in a church, but my church is far from his family but close to mine and vice versa. So we decided to do it in between the 2. Thats when we picked the Ft. Lauderdale beach for the wedding and have the reception here. However, that didn't work because they told us we could only invite 50 ppl (but isn't this a public beach?) and if we were to have it there, they could not make it a private section since it is a public beach...UHH.. im not understanding... your're telling us we can only invite 50 ppl but if others from the public want to sit close and watch they can? That's dumb. Sorry Mr. but we'll pass!

So I was like "Y not have the wedding and the reception in the same place?" Its huge, seats 200, has the beautiful doc in the back, and worth the money. FH was fine with that idea so here we are. Its located in a marina on the water with direct access to the Dania Bch cut-off Canal and the intracoastal waterway.
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Where are all the South Florida Brides?
I've been on this site for a while and has ran into 1 south florida bride. Where is every1. I know it has to be more of us. Let me know what part of Fl. you're from and how your planning is going.

954 BROWARD COUNTY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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