Its my day do as i Say or ELSE!!!
Its my day do as i Say or ELSE!!!

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Do you think this is TRUE and REASONABLE

Today while suffering the net I ran across an article as it relates to the responsibilities of the bridal party; mainly the maid/matron & the bridesmaids.

I am a little on the fence with some of the things listed in the article, however @ the same time I find a lot of truth in what the article says.

So ladies if you would: please read the article below and let me know what you think:


Also, I was thinking of adding certain things from this article in my first newsletter to my bridesmaids, just so that they can know what I am expecting of them so that there will be no misunderstandings down the line.

So ladies as always what do you think...is this article all truth, some truth, or just expecting way to much?????
futuremrsa's Red wedding
 |  Kingston, Escaldes-engordany, Jamaica  |  10/08/2010  | 
Initially i only agreed with soem of the things the article said but i re-read it and i must say i agree with everything.

Everyone woman always wants to be in the spotlight and i think it is important that the bridal party remember that it is the bride's day and not theirs.

Just this morning, I heard a co-worker bitching about a dress her friend had gotten her to wear in her wedding. She was telling another co-worker that she hated the color and the style was horrible and her friend had no taste. The person who she was telling all this told her it was the bride's day and wearing the dress for one day was not gonna kill her but her response was that she preferred not to go.

Hmmm, some friend, right.

I'm gonna include some of the stuff in my October newsletter to my bms as well.
tkbooker's Purple wedding
 |  Wyoming, MI, USA  |  10/08/2010  | 
Thanks futuremrsa- I think that I will be sending out my newsletter sometime mid spring early summer of next year or maybe even sooner. I was thinking maybe I could outline some of the things in the article to let them know what I needed from them as far as support and give them the opportunity to tell me wether or not they were really up to it. This way the situation will not blow up later on down the road.

As it relates to your co-worker that's just wrong...if I was asked to stand up for a friend I would be honored and even if I did not like the dress in no way shape or form would those words come out of my mouth, its her day...things need to go her way.

I just hope my friends dont take it as me being a bitch or anything...I guess we will see when I send out the newsletter.
mibride080610's Purple wedding
 |  Grand rapids, MI, USA  |  10/08/2010  | 
I think it's very true and reasonable. This is what I expect of my girls and they seem to be under the same idea for their responsibilities.
misstrisha's Blue wedding
 |  Brandon, FL, USA  |  10/08/2010  | 
I tend to disagree with a lot of that article.  I asked my ladies to be my bridesmaids in order to stand next to me and share my joy on my wedding day, and that's it.  I really do not "expect" anything of them, although I know they will be helping me out as much as possible, just because that's who they are (and why they are my friends).
My wedding party is coming from other states so they will help out with last minute stuff (because they want to, not because I ordered them to).  I let them pick their own dresses and hair style.  I think it's imortant for everyone to be comfortable with and feel beautiful in what they are wearing.  
My MOH will be doing my invites (again, because she offered to do it).  Otherwise, everything will be up to me and my fiance and I am totally fine with that.
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  10/08/2010  | 
This so true and beyond reasonable I completely agree with the whole thing and wish every MOH & BMs would read it im prolly gonna email this to them i also stated most some of this in thier newsletters. I believe most women who sign up for the role of BMs or MOH really dont understand or even in some cases know whats expected especially if they have never that it before so before things get hectic and stressful its a great thing to bring up right after asking someone just so they know from the getgo what they are responsible for and not be like months b4 the wedding well i never knew or i dont want to do that wear this etc.As much as we want to believe we can do it on our own i truly believe if you want to enjoy your special day that you and yr df are paying enough money for you need help and yes in some cases the ppl you pick truly want to help and know you need it other really dont  thats why we  read posts all the time about  drama I dont believe you need to be a bridezilla about anything but nicely let know ppl this also applies to the Best Man and GMs aswell. Thanks for posting :)
tkbooker's Purple wedding
 |  Waterford, MI, USA  |  10/08/2010  | 
Thanks ladies for your input....

@misstrisha I will not go as far as to tell them how to wear their hair, & am currently playing with the idea of allowing them to choose from various styles, that I pick.

I have to totally agree with Fairytalebride, with all of the stress of planning the wedding I would expect for if no one else to help that my bridesmaids & moh's to help me with certain things.
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