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We aren't having a rehearsal dinner (because we aren't have a rehearsal) and so I thought it would be nice to invite those who will be participating in our wedding to a very nice dinner the weekend before the wedding and give them their presents then. I still need to get my dad something...any ideas? He doesn't work in a corporation so any photo frames to sit on his desk are out of question. He travels for work so he's in a hotel a lot. I want to give him something before the wedding---but I just can't think of anything that he can keep but won't bulk the luggage he already has to carry. Any ideas? I still need to find something for the Best Man and MOH. I also plan on either making a coffee table book or if I can find a digital frame on sale, uploading the pics from the wedding for our parents. But I wanted to give them something before the wedding.

I gathered some of these ideas from other brides---can't remember who but thanks!!!!

Potential Gifts:

Pic 1: Mom-A nice personalized hankie. It will come in a box with a poem that is on vellum and you can place a picture behind the vellum. I will have a pic of us before the wedding and after the wedding I will replace it with a pic of us then. It can be taken out of the box and displayed. www.newtraditions.com

Pic 2: FMIL A sterling silver bracelet with her birthstone, my birthstone, and FH's birthstone (swarvorksi crystals), and clearwater pearls. www.heartstreasure.com The poem is:
Mother of the Groom
Two hearts are joined today,
two families are too.
So to remember this moment,
we chose this bracelet for you.

The three birthstones show
how you made room in your heart,
for a new daughter-in-law
right from the start.

Thank you for your acceptance,
your encouragement and love.
Having you here today
is a blessing from above.

Pic #3 and #4: For our singer (long time family friend) A personalized candle. Simply saying thanks for blessing us with your wonderful voice. Pic 3 is made out of beeswax and will last for many years because you only burn a votive (or tea light) candle inside. Pic 4 I love this candle but not quite as practical. www.chandlerscandle.com

FFIL: I couldn't post a pic of what we are thinking of getting him. But it's a glass beerstein with a pewter lid. We will have the pewter emblem engraved with his monogram. www.exclusivelyweddings.com
peachybride09's Chocolate wedding
 |  Biloxi, MS, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
These are really great and thoughtful gifts!  Please share where you found the personalized votives and the FMIL  bracelet
peachybride09's Chocolate wedding
 |  Biloxi, MS, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
Never mind...I should read slower you have mentioned  the websites in the posting.  Thank you!!!
cherry268's Chocolate wedding
 |  Hammond, LA, USA  |  05/01/2009  | 
I take it you've decided against the father of the bride things on exclusivelyweddings.com for your father's gift.  If he does travel a lot though, maybe get him some useful travel gear...a travel pillow, blue tooth attachment for his phone, etc.  Hope that helped!
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  05/01/2009  | 
He always carries a pocketknife so I am thinking of finding a good one for that and getting it engraved.
reneelynn08's Orange wedding
 |  USA  |  06/23/2009  | 
i love your ideas for gifts..i think i might steal the candle idea :)
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