I'm Back!!
I'm Back!!

Wedding Planning
I'm back in action!!!

Hi all WBC Brides!!! I missed you all, but I took a much needed brake from wedding plannin/posting.

Yes, I know I have been MIA since November 2011!! My last post was about moving and such. We are really just gettin settled in a comfortable. We have had such a whirlwind of a time with unpacking, painting, traveling, planning a Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years family get togethes, oh and my youngest daughter celebrated her 4th birthday w/ a Hello Kitty themed b-day party on this past Saturday, all at our house!!!! So, I have been busy, busy, busy!!!

Ok, now to wedding stuff......I changed my wedding colors, to Chocolate Brown, Latte, Coral & Ivory w/ accents of Gold. My mom, aunt, best friend/MOH & I met with an invitation designer about a week ago, and yesterday we went back to see the invitation mock-ups. They are so pretty!! I made a few changes to the wording and such and will post the final mock-up once they are completed. I also, met up with my wedding coordinator and went over more details of my VISION for our wedding!!! I also, went to two hotels to block off rooms for the OOT guest. One of the hotels is the Hampton Inn and is $119-$129 per night and the other is the El Palacio Sports Hotel and is $79-$89 per night. Both hotels price ranges are w/ the wedding discount. I decided on two hotels so that my guest can decide what is the best price for their wallets. I am also in the process of working on my save the dates designs, which need to go out by February/ March and my mongram, so that I can have a very uniformed look on the invitation, menus, tables numbers, etc.....

justmeandhim's Purple wedding
 |  Glendale, AZ, USA  |  01/09/2012  | 
Welcome back!!!
the1forhim's Chocolate wedding
 |  Miami, FL, USA  |  01/09/2012  | 
@justmeandhim...thanks for the warm welcome back!!!
sweetestaboo's Pink wedding
 |  USA  |  01/09/2012  | 
Welcome back hun bun ! Im in Miami/South Broward area as well, so im glad youre back i was starting to feel lonely on here, lol ...SN: Please share vendor info, and i will do the same, its so hard to find affordable vendors down here in SoFla. Already have reception location, i need: D.O.C., Caterer, linens etc...Thanks in advance sweetie! Happy Planning!
the1forhim's Chocolate wedding
 |  Miami, FL, USA  |  01/09/2012  | 
@sweetestaboo....Hey my hometown girl!! Thanks for the warm reception!!! Email me at: dihnumyt@att.net and I will give you some vendor contact info.

Happy Planning!!
hismrsb's Purple wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  01/09/2012  | 
welcome back honey! happy planning :)
the1forhim's Chocolate wedding
 |  Miami, FL, USA  |  01/09/2012  | 
@hismrsb...thanks hun!!
phillysgirl5's Pink wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  01/09/2012  | 
Welcome back!!! And it looks like you're back full swing!! :)
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/09/2012  | 
Welcome back! & Happy Planning! :)
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Luanda, Luanda, Angola  |  01/09/2012  | 
u have been a busy bee but so happy you are well and got things done! congrats whoohooo!!
ourrenewalsagain's Pink wedding
 |  North highlands, CA, USA  |  01/10/2012  | 
Welcome back! So glad that you have returned.
the1forhim's Chocolate wedding
 |  Miami, FL, USA  |  01/10/2012  | 
Thank you ladies!!
browncurls's Blue wedding
 |  New port richey, FL, USA  |  01/11/2012  | 
Welcome back and Happy Planning!
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