This is tessieandjohn's Chocolate Wedding!

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lamp shades
lamp shades
lamp shadescenterpieces_bystoneblossom_2Chocolate Wedding Decoration .:*My CeNtErPiEcEs*:.
Wedding Decoration
.:*My CeNtErPiEcEs*:.
Looking for creative ideas....

Spandex lamp shades:
Absolutly BEAUTIFUL and I want it!
However, it will cost me $35 to RENT one lamp shade or I could purchase it for $100 each! Do the math... I have 45 tables! *ugh*
I've been shopping on the web for months looking for cheaper lamp shades and or how to make them.

Is it just me or are they exspensive? lol
Does anyone here on Maui rent these vases?
If I purchase 45 vases what will I do with it after the wedding is over?

Looking for lights that are placed in the water filled vases?
Want a wholsale store to try and get it at cost?
I will be needing about 100 plus lights...
Also need to find the lights that are place in the lamp shade?

Floral arragement:
Do you think it would look ok if I did every other table...
Lamp Shade then floral arragement?
Wholesale Calla Lillies? Dark colored? Fall colors?
Valentines 037
Valentines 037
NeW tO tHiS sItE
Hey Ladies,

I'm very new to this...
I was searching the web for ideas for my wedding and came across this website which I fell in love with and want to be apart of it!

I'm hoping to hear all your great ideas and suggestions!

About my wedding.....
First off it will be in Maui, Hawaii
Color theme is chocolate/mocha
Wedding date: September
Court count:17 including the bride & groom
Guest count: 500
Round Tables
Style: Elegant/Aisian/Bamboo

I'm very opened minded so please feel free....
head table decorations
head table decorations
stage decor
table setting
hall decor 2
head table decorationsstage decortable settinghall decor 2
Wedding Decoration
All I want for my backdrop is that sheer material with lights and a monogram!

Anyone knows of any good/cheap web-sites with these types of materials?

I'm also looking for the monogram spot light kit.... I checked Shindigz but it seems that it's alway out of stock.

Do you think I should add the chocolate color in a sheer material to the headtable? Keep in mind the headtable linen will be white or ivory!
Wedding Reception
My oh my....
This is MY biggest headache ever!
Again Maui is so limited to things....
It's very pricey here and if we order them the shipping is very costly.

I am looking for Chocolate Brown table lines or overlays that won't
cost me $35 each. I need (45) 132" round table covers...
yes 45 covers~

If anyone knows of a good site please let me know!

What do you think?

Chocolate brown linen for guest tables and white or ivory linen for the headtable, dessert, buffet line...etc

My colors are chocolate brown and a mocha!
Wedding Photography
What is the average spent on photography?
How many hours do you reccommend?
Being that this is one of the most important times of our lives....
How do we know a good photographer when we see one?

Maui is so limited anyone knows of any good photographers here?


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