kesh is her dress
 This is my sis trying on her BM dress today,not bad for Taget. But it looks like it's missing something, maybe a sash or brooch ? What you think ?
Black Wedding Reception We booked the reception hall
... I was just riding coming from IKEA and I noticed this little banquet hall. So I decided to stop in and take a peek. It was beautiful and I really liked it, so I booked it right there on the s...
lew working on STDs
... FH kept bothering me while I working on the rest of the Save the Dates lastnight. I told him if he kept on coming over here I will put him to work. Low and behold 5 minutes later I was puttin...
 Since we are changed the wedding plans again. I have to send out another STD to my guest to let them know it will be at home now. 1 down 31 more to go !
Black DIY Wedding Rembrance Shoes ..........
 I put my oldest brother name on the bottom of my shoes " It will be like he is walking me down the aisle "
my jars
 I'm so excited about doing this for the reception. I know my guest will love it !
kj and jada
 I was going back and fourth on the idea . I finally decided to make my god-children our ring bearer and flowergirl.
Black Wedding Planner I'm back from my planning break !
... the wedding planning mood. Vendors with bad commuication and nasty attitudes. FH put a bad trojan on the computer and I lost everything . I made him buy me a new laptop and I have to start over...
question mark
...uite reception to save a few bucks. We have been working on the food . Here is what we have so far, is this enough variety of food. Southwest Egg Rolls Back Back Ribs Big Mouth Bites Bac...
rose petal design 1
 I'm working on our rose petal aisle design and need a little help . Now use your imagination because it will be done with white rose petals. TIA
bm dresses
... her dress on. Hopefully it's not too short on her ....
 As we get closer and closer to our date I'm find myself getting more excited.
 We decided to not do an unity candle for the wedding. FH found this idea that is very similar to it. It's called the " Cords of Three Strands" .
centerpiece mock up
 I have finished the base of the centerpieces. But I have no clue on what kind of flowers I will use. Should I keep the votive candles or do without them ?