...;Our Photographer got us a slideshow... so that we can check things out! FUN! Also, we had a day after shoot.. here are a few fun s...
Us :-) For real.
... RAD! I don't know what to say other than I am super stoked that people like our vision and I hope that everyone loves their wedding as much as I loved ours.
I LOVE this picture of my oh-so-handsome little brother (Little.... uhm... and taller.)
...some photographer put up some pictures on her blog. I'm super excited!!! Her style is clever, and her take on things is unexpected. I just love what she finds and how she makes things look so...
OMG! So Mike and I!!!!!
 This also another photographer that I'm particularly loving right now. I have emailed her a few times and she is super duper nice! Yippee!!!