my bridesmaid and I!
gift table
DIY'ed marg glass!
my bridesmaid and I!
bridesmaid and I!
MOH(my sis) and I
bridesmaid and I
Awesome "J" vase!
My mom, me, FMIL, grandma
Thinking hard...
Drawing what I will look like;)
Opening gifts!
mystery gift?!?!?
My sis's frame she made for me...how sweet:)
gift tablePink Wedding Shower Couldn't of asked for anymore!flowers!DIY'ed marg glass!Pink Wedding Shower Couldn't of asked for anymore!my bridesmaid and I!bridesmaid and I!MOH(my sis)  and Ibridesmaid and IAwesome J vase!My mom, me, FMIL, grandmaThinking hard...Drawing what I will look like;)Advice!Pink Wedding Shower Couldn't of asked for anymore!Opening gifts!Pink Wedding Shower Couldn't of asked for anymore!mystery gift?!?!?My sis's frame she made for me...how sweet:)

Wedding Shower
Couldn't of asked for anymore!

The day of my wedding shower party started off great! I went to get my hair colored, cut , and did up! My stylist did a fantastic job! I loved how it turned out:)

After that, I went home to get ready for the shower. My bridesmaids did a fantastic job with planning for the shower! They had such cute decorations, yummy food, and some pretty fun games! They even DIY'ed some margarita glasses because they knew that I love margaritas:) You can see them in the pics. I love all of the floral decor they added too!

There was three games that were played. Each of my bridesmaids choose one game to play. The first one was a marriage word scramble that included obviously, marriage related words and also things I liked. The second one was just questions about me and the wedding planning. The third one was part a: one word of advice part b: flipping that paper over and grabbing a book and putting the book on your head. Then drawing what I was going to look like on my wedding day while the paper was still on their heads!

I was given some pretty amazing gifts! Those gifts included things for the kitchen, frames, and items for the honeymoon:) One of my favorite gifts would had to of been my picture frame that my sis made for me and the second one would have been the frame that my best friend had personalized for my FH and me!
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  05/23/2011  | 
You looked adorable and like you had a great time! Love the picture frame, such a nice thoughtful gift!!
sugarr2518's Pink wedding
 |  Jesup, IA, USA  |  05/23/2011  | 
Thanks laurie:)  I did have a wonderful time with some wonderful people!  I definitely felt the love!
yuandmi's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  05/24/2011  | 
Your MOH is a find :)) Very meaningful gift. It's nice that you could share your shower with all your friends and relatives :)
sugarr2518's Pink wedding
 |  Jesup, IA, USA  |  05/24/2011  | 
yuandmi - Yes, she is!!!!!  I don't know what I would do without her:) Yes, I was very excited that I got to share that special time with my loved ones!  All but one of my bridesmaids was able to make it, but I will be having a second one.  So, that bridesmaid is putting on the other wedding shower:)
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