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Budget & Guest list go hand and hand!

The day after my fiancee and I got engaged we sat down and did a guest list. Once we were able to do the guest list it made it a whole lot easier for us to come up with a wedding budget. We figured roughly on the high end what everything would cost us and came up with an overall budget that both him and I were comfortable with. Our budget was done on the sole basis that only him and I would be contributing to it. We are not factoring in what family & friends may give us because we don't want to depend on that. Anything that we do recieve will just end up being and added bonus. After coming up with the budget we opened up a joint Checking & Savings account that is strictly for the wedding. With this account we pay the vendors and buy items pretaining to the wedding. I would suggest that all couples do this and try to stick to their budget as much as possible. Remember, the reception, photographer, and honeymoon will be the most costly things as far as the wedding is concerned. Plan wisely and don't stray to far from your budget.
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 |  Brandon, FL, USA  |  10/08/2010  | 
I could have wrote this post myself!  You should exactly like me.  Our family has not committed to any certain dollar amount to contribute (except my mom), so we are just assuming we will cover it ourselves.  And like you said, anything we get from them will be considered a bonus!!  We also opened up an account for wedding expenses.  We each deposit $200/month.  It's adding up pretty fast, which is nice  =)  I only wish we started earlier.
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Each month we each agreed to deposit no less than $450 in our wedding account. What has helped us stay focused is that we set up monthly payment plans on the most expensive things. In between this I have been ordering little things here and there that will be used during the wedding. I would advise all future brides not to wait less minute and to start knocking out the little things from now!!!!
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Well Ladies, I just added up again how much this wedding is going to cost. I have been pretty ...
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