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Inspiration Board
Sans the Hunter Green
I keep thinking, to maybe just take the green out...fh says he doesn't care if it is there or not, and he's having a hard time, like i am, about how to fit it in with the blue and creamy beach theme...

but, here is the inspiration board i made using our choices so far. the older picture there, is actually fh's grandmother, and her exhusband(his biological grandfather)...i thought it made a nice touch ;) i've got another, with just the dresses and bouquet...the tie is the closest one to the tie that goes with fh's suit, that i could find online...
Green About Us Borrowed this off of Bernsteng's(sp?) Profile!
About Us
Borrowed this off of Bernsteng's(sp?) Profile!
How long did you date before you got engaged?
Just over 3 months!

Did you get the ring you wanted?
both times lol...he actually gave me a tanzanite flower ring, when we'd only been together 2 weeks...a few months ago, we were watching something about promise rings, and i asked if he'd ever given 1 to someone(thinking of HS when my HS bf had given me one), and he grabbed my hand and said "you're still wearing it!"...when i mentioned he'd only given it to me 2 weeks after starting to day, he turned red and said "well, yeah, you know" i didn't, but i do now!

Was the proposal a complete surprise?
what proposal? poor fh, every time he tried, i'd mess it up...."get off the floor", "why are you trying to sit on the ground", "i'm holding something, i'll hold your hand in a minute"...rofl...poor guy! finally, he surprised me when we were at walmart, with a red heart shaped dog tag, reading "will you marry me"'s the only way i couldn't mess it up, since i was in the restroom when he made it!

Do you wish you had a bigger/smaller diamond? If so How big or small?
technically, i have a 2 carat princess cut solitiare...but in reality it is cz...i'm not a big diamond person, i like bling, without the cha-ching! so it's perfect, and i'd rather not have something else!

Did you cry when he proposed?
I thought I would but I didn't. I was so definitely surprised, and definitely at a loss for words...but we both were, he just put it in my palm, grabbed my hand and started walking towards electronics took me a second, to even look at it, and then i just hugged him while we were walking, and couldn't quit smiling...even though i lost the dog tag, i'm smiling now, just remembering it!

Where do you want to go for your honeymoon?
we're not going on a honeymoon. we literally just spent our savings on a house, and i'd rather have that than a honeymoon...we'll probably just find the swankiest holiday inn in houston, and stay the night...yep, holiday inn...i LOOOOOVE their beds :) every time we stay in one, i wanna steal the mattress!

Are you buying his wedding band for him?
already did..he has 2, but neither of them fit him after he busted his hand up at we need to find another, and this time, we'll be buying it together, unless i surprise him before then!

Have you gone over your original wedding budget?
no...and won't...

What day of the year will your wedding be?
March 20, 2010

What kind of weather?
a nice spring day, hopefully just warm enough, with a SMALL breeze, and NO RAIN!!!

Inside or outside?
Both. our ceremony is at the chapel on the UH campus, which is about a mile from our house...our reception is in our backyard!

Church/justice of the peace/other?
minister/pastor. Haven't found one yet.

How many people will be there?
right now, including us, 38...but, he hasn't told me what coworkers he will invite. he says none, but i know dang well, that he'll probably invite a few!

Time of day?
that part, idk yet...i'm hoping around 4 of 5..that way, we can have a nice evening outdoors, but not late, since it's at our home...

Any kind of theme?
beach theme, in our backyard! lol to buy a house, i gave up having it at a bed and breakfast in crystal beach! but i've already got everything to do the beach deal!

How many bridesmaids? Who would they be?
well, technically i have 3. a maid of honor, a matron of honor, and a BM...but the matron of honor is a guilt trip thing, and i'm thinking she's already silently dropped out, which works 100% for me...long story...

Our flowergirl is supposed to be fh's 8 year old daughter, and my maid of honor's daughter, who's like my niece...but that depends on if my stepdaughter can make it

What kind of cake/what will it look like?
i think i'm skipping a cake, in a way...i think i'm going to order just a small cake for 10-15, and then have a desert bar...that way, it keeps down cost, and i can do fondant, without it tasting bad, or having to pay the same time, i'm thinking of a chocolate covered strawberry mountain, since fh isn't a cake person...

Are you going to be neat or messy when feeding him the cake?
probably messy, i know he will be! but i've already figured it out! if i do the strawberry mountain, i'm still going to have a piece of cake in my hand, to smash on him ;)

Where will you have the reception?
our backyard...i'm still renting tables and chairs, but i'm going to get fh and our BM to move our couches into the master bedroom, or into the little area that's supposed to be a formal living area...that way, we can set the food up in a large enough area, and it's a direct path to bathroom, and not having to get around stuff!
i'm also looking at renting a small dance floor

What kind of dress will you have/color/material?
i've already got's light ivory, satin/silk's casablanca #1616.

What kind of flowers in your bouquet?
idk...probably something springy, and hoping for hydrangeas in blues and greens ;)

Kind of wedding bands?
1 of fh's is plain, with a raised center...the other has cz(it's titanium), and an x/diamond sort of pattern...mine is silver, with alternating black and white stones. i think it has 7 stones total..

How will you wear your hair?
right now, down, curled, styled, and swept back a little bit...

Who will be important to be there?
our kids...all 3 of them hopefully...our 1 year old lives with us, but stepson is in florida, while stepdaughter is in kentucky...we get my stepson for that time anyway, but it's a BIG hope that fh's mom comes in from kentucky, b/c she'll be bringing SD with her...

Will the reception be big or small?
small and intimate ;)

What will the groom wear?
either a black or navy suit, with ivory or blue shirt, and tie to coordinate the BM's dresses...

How old will you and the groom be?
i'll be 27 in january(wedding in march), fh just turned 31...

How long will you be engaged before you get married?
4 years, 3 months, and 8 days ;) lol

Live together before or wait till married?
We have lived together since about 2 months after getting together..and we just bought a house, so we better be living together lol!!!

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple?
it's been ok, but i have changed my mind, our locations and our states, trying to please that we've decided to do what WE want regardless of others, and we're doing it at home, it's made a HUGE cut back in the stress of planning!

Will you do it yourself or with family or hire someone to plan the wedding?
we're doing it together, with the help of both moms(if FMIL makes it), my 2 girls, and the guys...

Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made?
probably premade, but i'm reall thinking of doing the letters to each other, or maybe a short "this is what i promise"...and since we're humorous, i can see it being full of laughter, rather than tears! and that works for us!
Some Inspiration
Well, for the life of me, i can't find anything that actually has my REAL colors for an insiration board, apparently my colors aren't used together much....but they are in this tie ;) which i plan to get for the groomsmen, since the BM(well, the only groomsmen i think lol), actually has a nice dark blue suit...

But, our "real" colors, are actually baby blue, hunter green, and cream...the navy was tossed in, because after trying on dresses, the baby blue was just WAY too bright! fh's favorite color is hunter, and mine is they navy is only being used in the BM dresses, while our linens will be either ivory, or baby blue...idk yet, either hunter green table cloths, with no chair sashes, or navy blue table cloths, with hunter's driving me crazy ;) i can't seem to find anything with just the major colors, and this was as close as i could get, when i wanted to picture the colors together!
Seashell Coaster Sets
These are part of our favors. Each are a set of 2, and my intent is to also use them as place cards. what i plan to do, is open them before the wedding, make a card with the family's last name on it, and tuck it back into the package, with the name face up. although i'm having a candy bar for everyone, these favors are pretty much family favors. i'm hoping that the place i ordered them from, will get them back in, so that i can order more, and hopefully give each family a 2nd set, so that there are 4 coasters, rather than 2...

I got them from Favors by Serendipity(if you can't google them by this name, reverse it to Serendipity Favors). I was super surprised, and quite delighted in fact. the coasters anywhere else, were either nearly $3/pp, or had a minimum order...and ALOT for shipping, or required a minimum order for free shipping(COMPLETELY understandable!). But with Serendipity, not only were they just $1.57/pp, my confirmation said that it would take 5-10 days to recieve them(or something like that). BUT, I ordered them last Tuesday, and they came on FRIDAY! Yep, just, what? 3 days, INCLUDING processing my order?! I will definitely be venturing back to their site if there's anything else I need!

The only "bad" thing about the coasters, is that on one of the packs, an itty bitty chip was in the corner of one of them. and it's actually not to bad, it's smooth and not rough or jagged. and it was only just the 1. for the price I paid, and the great service, I figure it's not even worth bugging about! they arrived individually packaged in hard plastic packs, in bubble wrap, with a ton of packing peanuts, to ensure no slippage during shipping. another great thing, is that with the items in their own individual bubble wrap, slippage was near impossible, b/c the "bubbles" more or less caught on each other, making it hard for the contents to move around...
Green Spammers/Vendors Please Read
Please Read
To the vendors who peruse and actually communicate with the brides on the board, I welcome any input you may have ;) I think it's great that you actually put yourselves out there(or here!) in alternative ways!

To the spammers who like to try and type what appears to be a comment, but is actually a blatant(and VERY sh*tty) attempt for marketing your overseas sweat shop and copyright infringed goods, please find something better with which to entertain yourselves. I'm not interested in anything you have to offer, and I'd rather take my chances of shipping a brand new japanese skyline via craigslist, than buy your uggs, gucci, fendi, or even just a garter ;) while i support outsourcing to an extent(i'm not a fan of our unemployment rate, thanks to outsourcing), i'm more likely to support my OWN economy by finding someone locally to "custom handmake wedding garter for US bride", than attempt to bother with your not leave comments here...before i delete them, i will venture over to your profile, and leave sweet little southern comments on your board ;) in case you don't understand what i'm saying, i cuss like a sailor, and i won't hesitate to leave a bunch of astericks on your profile, b/c i refuse to type out "bad" words on a public board...have a fantastic day, and heed the warning ;)
new stuff august september 09 025
new stuff august september 09 025
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
My E-ring and Band
i like it...i wanted something different...and to get it in our budget, it's silver...the fiance wasn't too excited about it, but i was set on it, so he let me get it...i have the distinct feeling, it's not the set i'll be wearing out of the church! unfortunately, when i got the e-ring, i thought it was flat on the sides...alas, it is not...BUT either way, i did find an oriental jeweler, who said he could put a silver "bridge" behind the e-ring, which would make it flush on one side...and it would sit perfectly with my band ;)
Green Wedding Flowers BM Flowers
Wedding Flowers
BM Flowers
This is our's one of them, at least...another option, is rather than bouquets for us ladies, i found a woman on etsy who makes wonderful seashell bouquets...and if this here, isn't what we end up with, they'll carry seashell pomanders/kissing balls, that way, they're not throwing out a bouquet, and it can be used for decor ;) especially for my MOH, she's a beach baby ;) the flowers are ivory/crea, and the ribbon will probably be hunter/navy striped...
Green Bridesmaids BM Dress
BM Dress
We choose this for bridesmaid, b/c she was "Blessed by The Boobie God" rofl!!! it's the same material as the other, but for the obvious reasons, it looks great on my girl ;) hopefully, i'll be adding pictures of them in their dresses soon ;)
Green Bridesmaids MOH's Dress
MOH's Dress
My moh is petite, and when I say petite, she's about 5'2" and small to enhance and give her a little height(and cleavage, as she would say ;) ), we choose this dress! even though our colors are navy, hunter, and cream, the girl's chose to wear navy(before i edited, it said hunter=typo!), and i definitely agree with their choice! as it stands, we have not got their dresses. so although they've bot decided on navy, it's possible with my bridesmaid, she said she may choose hunter to compliment the scheme(and she looks great in either one!)
Green Wedding Dress Casablanca 1616
Wedding Dress
Casablanca 1616
Yep, it's an older's also my 3rd dress! I bought 1 from Davids, and fh saw ended up not fitting, i gained a couple i traded it for another(which i actually still have!), and fh never saw that, but saw pics of me in it...AND NOW, i've lost weight, but gained some it's too small(it was already too small, but by lifting weights, it still doesn't fit)...well, i went looking for a much simpler dress, as the one from DB is much too ornate and such, for us to get married on the beach(the "old" plan) while looking for 'maids dresses, the saleslady and i started going through to find a simple one...and i found fits like a gloooove! it's perfect, it has all the beading but at the same time, there's not so much that we're getting married outside in the spring, i think it's perfect...and i LOOOVE it...oh, and the PERFECT BONUS, is that fh has NO IDEA!!! yep, i've had it over a month, and he ain't gotta clue! so it'll be a sweet surprise ;) thank you, Lord!


4 years since wedding
Mar 20, 2010
Houston, Texas, United States
UH Chapel
Our New Backyard!
Friends ;)
We've gone through several venues, and 3 states ;) SO we just purchased a home this week, so our beach themed wedding, has now turned into a more garden-theme...our ceremony will be at the chapel on the UH Campus, and our reception will be in our own backyard ;) our colors are hunter, baby blue, and cream...and i can't find ANYTHING to match :) so it's all from scratch it seems!
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