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Cake Inspiration setup

I love the way this cake is setup. I love how it has amore. I would like to have my lavender cake with lavender rose petals around and LOVE in white. With a lot of candles. This is one of the best inspirations i found for my cake love it!!!
britt262006's Red wedding
 |  Katy, TX, USA  |  05/29/2009  | 
bugchick0's Purple wedding
 |  Norfolk, VA, USA  |  05/29/2009  | 
That is gorgeous!  I love the candles around the base, it gives it a romantic feel!
stefnanny's Black wedding
 |  Saint clair shores, MI, USA  |  05/29/2009  | 
We are doing something similar, except our letters are gonna read TI AMO, meaning I love you in Italian :)
mrssocarras2b's Black wedding
 |  Hialeah, FL, USA  |  11/29/2010  | 
I absolutely fell in love with this cake since before I was engaged! I pretty much want this exact cake
tonja1198's Red wedding
 |  Beaumont, TX, USA  |  03/18/2013  | 
I love this idea
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