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the table
boxes of pocketfolds
my map
official invite
put together
front cover
the tableboxes of pocketfoldsmy mapinsertsofficial inviteput togetherfront coverinvite5
Wedding Invitation
My DIY Pocketfolds
I never got to upload the pics of my pocketfolds after I hurt my hand so here they are in all their glory. My husband was trying to be funny with our arts and crafts time and said that his students couldve done them...but I think they were very cute. He took his statement back after one of his friends said he must be paying a lot for this pocketfolds looked expensive. Then, I hand delivered one to a girl that I hadnt seen in forever from church...she was dying to ask me the following Sunday who did my invites...AHHHHH....I felt complete after that...that was in July after the invites had already been sent out in June.....I cant track down all of the prices...but I used pink aspire strips that were already pre-cut (sold that way) $42.97 for 350 a paper cutter to cut off excess and scor(?) it for the folding areas (Fiskars $17 - Walmart).....brown card stock pre cut for the backing and white linen paper....We only had to cut the linen paper, inserts, and one inch off of the longest side on the strips (hence my infected fiasco after Kinko's) - 2 hours of work tops. BUY GLUE DOTS....I love glue made the process go so much mom and I actually timed out how many she could do with a glue stick compared to my 4 glue dots on each piece of paper...I won! LOL...Anyway it was frustrating, cool, and cohesive all at the same time....I loved them..and it seems like some of my guests thought we paid a bunch of money. Mission accomplished.
Mi familia
Vases with fish
Mi familia
Under the arch
Vases with fishMi familiaUnder the arch
Wedding Reception
I'm married now...and nothing worked!
Ive forgotten about my little blog with as busy as I got. My invites were adorable everyone loved them. We had 250 RSVP and had about 200 show up. The reception location screwed up on my linen a week before the event and added in a few decorations for me so to me...everything looked absolutely fabulous....but nothing went as planned. I forgot the sign in book, pen, aisle runner, cake topper and etc at home where the fiance was...and had to wing it on everything. I didnt really have as much of a hand in decorating as I wanted..because I was soooo everything that was boxed away and put up....was just put to use where ever the friends and mother could find a place to put it. Even the cake lady made do with what she had...I bought my own gum paste flowers for $10 and had her put them on keeping my cake at 1.50 a slice...had some left over so she put the excess on top. I STILL CANT BELIEVE I FORGOT THE AISLE RUNNER THAT I SLAVED OVER. I had a bridesmaid drop out on my the week before the wedding....her picture is below....I still dont know what to do about that situation. After all of these mishaps, I cant believe that people thought that they had been to the most elegant wedding. I overheard two of my husbands friends tell him that he would be in a hole financially after all of this...LOL...we actually overpaid in plates. All that I can do now is sell all of my little creations....excess fabric, table clothes, chair covers, flowers, vases, etc and help others. I'll still post my pics of invites, favor boxes and other things that we did by hand...taking a mini vaca this weekend though. See ya~
DIY Wedding
Be Cafeful When DIY'ing!
Okay...I've been for over a month and I'm just checking off the last tidbits this week. My invitations got done and sent my new headache is the RSVP and head count. But between all of this..let's talk about the full TWO WEEKS that I had to take off after I started my invites. I always read everything DIY when it comes to weddings...and now I am remembering I never see anything say CAUTION. On 5/29 I had to have emergency surgery because I had a hand abscess??? What that is...don't ask me..all that I know is surgery is your only option. This happened after I started to cut my pocketfold invites at Kinko's...did I have a cut I remember cutting myself within the few weeks before the with all of the stuff I've been doing...who knows. I always wash my hands though..I know that much! I never thought making my invites (?maybe) would cause surgery, 3 days in the hospital, and boocoo thousands of bills that I'll receive in the future from the hospital. Anyway, I just wanted to explain my absence and record for my own personal reasons..and also forewarn or inform those planning on DIY'ing or those who currently are....Be careful. I'll have an ugly scar in the palm of my hand and on my middle finger to remind me. And to get my finger back to it's working order....(full range of motion) some months...Yes I said some...Keep alcohol pads on hand..and I'd even clean the surface you are working on and wash hands before and if you were cooking....I attached an explanation of what happened to me....

Hand Abscess

A hand abscess is an accumulation of pus affecting the hand, usually caused by a bacterial infection.
Abscesses in the hands are fairly common and usually result from injury. A superficial abscess may develop just under the skin anywhere in the hand, and nearly always results from a minor injury, such as a splinter or needle prick. Severe pain, warmth, and redness develop over the abscess, often with swelling of nearby lymph nodes in the arm. An abscess may occur in any part of the palm and spread between the metacarpal bones (the hand bones between the wrist and fingers). Such an infection may occur after the skin is ripped or the hand is punctured by something sharp. Palm abscesses may develop from an infected callus. Palm abscesses begin as intense throbbing pain with swelling and severe tenderness to touch. The swelling and pain may be greater at the top of the hand than on the palm.

Treatment involves surgically draining the pus. Antibiotics also are given.
Chocolate DIY Wedding Nothings into Somethings...
DIY Wedding
Nothings into Somethings... my supposed theme seems to floral flourish with a little bling....I couldnt resist buying my sign in book for $4.00 and the pen for $5.00. A fraction of the cost of the original one that I wanted....and when I saw these rhinestone flourishes....for $2.00 at plain nothings came to life! I'll add brown ribbon to both..but I think this is a good start....the rhinestone accents came 5 to a I did the front and back of the book and one on the pen. Deep discounts are my new favorite thing...especially when you have donors asking you how much you "planned" on paying for something and you can allocate that money to other things you dreamed of having at your wedding. On to the next project!
Clean pic
More see through than I thought...
All traced out....
Almost done...
Done..but I feel like I need something else?
Clean pic
More see through than I thought...All traced out....Almost done...Done..but I feel like I need something else?Clean pic
DIY Wedding
Custom Aisle Runner - All in a Day
I am sooo tired after yesterday. I've actually been procrastinating on getting starting on my DIY aisle runner. I knew it would be a little tedious...but thought I could handle it. I was actually right...I think that I did well! I wanted to run outside and shout for joy when I finished. It took me 6 hours to finish. That was with start and and shoo-ing the dog away. Here's how it all happened: $40.00 of Muslin..caught on sale...My own monogram done on Photoshop $0.00...Englarged Monogram on paper (We have a plotter at my job...Shhhhh)..$0.00, Acrylic Paints $0.87x3 colors, Pack of Cheapo Paint brushes $4.00.... Words to the wise..if you know someone in the environmental business...or GIS....skip Kinko's and email your image...saved me time and money....Buy a real paint brush...My cheap ones had been sitting since I bought them..and they ended up falling apart as soon as I started...ended up dropping 3 drops of paint around the "S"..I'll figure how to fix it later....Maybe adding rhinestones would help that....
invitation3 copy
invitation4 copy
invitation6 copy
monogram5 copy
invitation3 copyinvitation4 copyinvitation6 copymonogram2-2monogram5 copyaislerunner
Wedding Invitation
Invitation Fall Out!
My mother and I have officially not spoken for like a week now. I dont understand how I'm saving you some money by DIY'ing my stuff and you get mad at me? I dont see how someone can give me an ultimatum (sp?) about a reception and venue that they arent paying for? As long as my downpayment is there, my dates are mine..and I've already picked out all of my extra items. She's plum crazy and thats all there is too it. Anyway...I sucked it up and over the weekend...I did a cazillion designs for my invites. I did monograms...I did the tops of the inserts...aisle runner name it...I finished it....I was that MAD. I asked my girlfriends which they liked best but no one was any help...they said we like them all. Thanks ordered my paper for my pocketfolds..and now I'm just waiting on them to come...I love my invitation to death..I think that I did very well. Pics didnt come out that well on here so I made this link for my future business actual invites are on there until I can find somewhere to put them....
Ding Dong Cake
Ding Dong Cake
Ask a Question
Groomscake...To Ding Dong or Not?
I've officially lost my sanity now that the day is getting closer. I've cut out a lot of things to save money budget wise...who needs custom napkins, mongrammed ribbon....etc...etc. Even without those things I know my day will look pretty. So, when you're receiving sponsor's money and can get a chocolate sheet cake for half of what a baker is charging what do you do? My fiance loves BBQ, Football, Chocolate and me and ANYTHING HOSTESS! The fiance is insisting that he wants just a plain chocolate cake with his initials on football no nothing. I saw this cake and thought...okay..I can get away with styrofoam on the bottom and two real chocolate layers on top and then cover to my hearts content. So my question is would you or wouldn't you? Who knows how your time will be divided when the big day comes....Also is this considered tacky or cute?
My order and Kip!
My order and Kip!
Orchid Wrist Corsages
Groomsmen corsages
Family corsage
My order and Kip!Orchid Wrist CorsagesGroomsmen corsagesFamily corsage
Wedding Flowers
Silks and more silks....
My flower order for the whole wedding came out to around $750.00 and that was from the cheapest place that I could find in my city. Most places here have the same rates...$3.00/corsages & boutennires...$15.00 for bouquets, etc. I found and it was a godsend. I went straight to the clearance section and cut all of those prices in half. This is my doggie Kip being nosey and sniffing my boxes as they come in. It took me all day to see how each flower would fit into my theme and make it cohesive. The BM will have cabbage rose,jasmine, calla lilly.....Mothers/Family will have the mini calla lilly corsage, helpers get the wrist corsage and the groomsmen get orchids as well. I'm happy to say it feels good to know that all of the small flower needs are taken care of. The large arrangements are being paid for by someone else and they'll be delivered straight to the church. I might decide to tweak some of the corsages etc. later with prettier ribbon or adding some kind of beading or something. So check another item off the list!
Pocket fold Invitations
Pocket fold Invitations
petals to dye
Pocket fold Invitationspetals to dyediyChocolate DIY Wedding To do list
DIY Wedding
To do list
For the month:

1. Embossing - Favors/Tags/Wineglass Tags
2. Vellum Wine Glass Shades
3. DIY Pocketfolds
4. Table runners
5. Dye petals

I plan on cutting and embossing all of my tags that I'll need for the wedding...I've already purchased my monogram with the scrollwork border and some other stamps that say Thank You, etc. etc. Since I am buying my paper for the pocket folds I can also work on the monogram that will go on the front. The fabric that I found was $9.00 for a 58 inch x 10 yard bolt. Since I'm having 5 foot round tables that come with tablecloths I figured I could just cut my own runners. I'll have to read up a little bit more on this....but $9 bucks is way cheaper than renting or buying a bunch of runners...we'll see how it goes.
Champagne Flutes
Champagne flutes again
Crystal Knife Server Set
Cake display option
Champagne Flutes
Crystal covered Cake jewelry
$1.00 petals
Table jewelry
Champagne flutes againCrystal Knife Server SetCake display optionChampagne FlutesCrystal covered Cake jewelry$1.00 petalspolka-dot-wedding-cakeTable jewelry
Wedding Decoration
Everything is in the works!
Okay..I've been gone for a whole month but in my opinion I've gotten a lot done. Bridemaids dresses have been ordered (well some), champagne flutes were cute and cheap ($30), Knife Server ($7), Crystal cake topper ($23) and petals were found for $1 at Dollar Tree along with pillow. I might add some extra touches to the pillow and petals...and might be considering dying the petals. I've seen on some boards where brides have done this with good results. A month of bargain hunting didn't come out that bad. I found other options to renting cake stands for $20 bucks..found some cake boards that are covered already for you in silver or gold for $5 and I might do something similiar to the pictures with tulle. Then cover the tulle with some table jewelry to match the knife server and my flutes. I'm on a roll....To do list for the month coming up soon.


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