Tuxedo Trip

This weekend my FH and I are going to pick out the tuxedos for our bridal party. We're getting a great deal through Moore's (for all you Canadian brides), so it should be lots of fun.

It's actually a part of the wedding that I haven't thought that much about. Have you picked out your tuxes yet? What style are you going for?

My bridesmaids haven't picked out their dresses yet (they're all picking their own), but they will be wearing different colours from our palette. But I think I want the guys' ties/vests to be all the same colour. What do you think? Match with the girls, or with each other?

Happy weekend, ladies!
glamdivabride's Purple wedding
 |  Atlanta, GA, USA  |  02/24/2012  | 
If think the guys should match the color of the girls. Have fun choosing tuxes :-)
mrshtobe's Blue wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  02/24/2012  | 
FI isn't impressed with Moore's after they messed up a suit he bought, last year (wrong size, and then still too big after alterations, etc.), so I think we'll be going with TipTop.. they still have a pretty good deal, which is nice. As for what the tuxes will look like, FI is taking over in that department--all I know is they'll be grey, and he really likes a Calvin Klein one, specifically.
I'm with Kayla--I think the guys should match the girls. If all the girls matched, then all the guys should match (in my opinion), but this way it'll balance out.
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