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FREE Water Bottle Labels and...

Its been a while since I posted any DIY projects so here are some water bottle labels and other labels.....

Picture #:
1. Download template here Here -check out the ingredients - tooo cuuute ?

2* I will be using a combination of picture 1 and 2 to create my own :o) ...the ones in picture 2 are not free :( ....but you may find them Here you may be able to order the minimum and take them to Kinkos to print for a lot less :o).....Did I just say that?????? ;o)

3. Download template here Here (give this one a little time to download)

I am using the #3 labels to create some bubble bath for my BM...I will be sure to share pics of the finished product!


*If there are any free water label templates you would like to share ...leave it here!!


To edit any pdf document got to http://www.nitropdf.com and download the free trial (14 days) - good luck!
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  08/01/2009  | 
Now you did a wonderful job on these! Thanks for sharing!
's  wedding
 |  Egg harbor township, NJ, USA  |  08/28/2009  | 
Is there a way to use this template and also personalize it with your own names and such? I downloaded the template, but can't do anything with it
savillon's Pink wedding
 |  Taylor, TX, USA  |  08/29/2009  | 
Hello Sobe816 you can edit the whole document by going to www.nitropdf.com and download the free trial (14 days) - good luck!!!!
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