Blue Rodrhonda4ever's Excited! Look at the reception decor I did!
Partyshakers.com Decor Rentals1 10-30-2010
Partyshakers.com Decor Rentals 10-30-2010
Partyshakers.com Eiffel Tower Feather Centerpieces
Partyshakers.com Damask Placemats-trimmed in white and bling
Partyshakers.com Damask Placemats-trimmed in white and bling
Blue Rodrhonda4ever's Excited! Look at the reception decor I did!Blue Rodrhonda4ever's Excited! Look at the reception decor I did!Partyshakers.com Eiffel Tower Feather CenterpiecesPartyshakers.com Damask Placemats-trimmed in white and blingPartyshakers.com Damask Placemats-trimmed in white and bling

Rodrhonda4ever's Excited!
Look at the reception decor I did!

I'm so sorry I have been missing in action ladies! I've been so busy doing EVERYTHING, but I just wanted to share with you some decor that I did on October 30th for a wedding reception. Her theme was FABULOUSNESS & FEATHERS! The ole famous Damask was requested and I got busy. The photos 4 & 5 of the Damask Placemats, I made for her head tables. Everything else was rented from myself at Partyshakers.com which included the damask placemats, centerpieces, runners, tablecloths, chaircovers, sashes and more. I was so happy to take on this one. You know me, making that magic happen? LOL Enjoy some of the pictures. I'll post some more later on!

Introducing: Damask Love & Fabulousness Decor....
If you are in the Sacramento Area, Bay Areas, El Dorado Hills you are lucky...Free Delivery!
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mibride080610's Purple wedding
 |  Grand rapids, MI, USA  |  11/17/2010  | 
This is great! I wish you were in Michigan!
mrslindseytobe's Black wedding
 |  USA  |  11/17/2010  | 
Amazing!! I love it! I wish we had you over here in Louisiana! :(
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  11/17/2010  | 
Awww, you girls are to sweet. Don't cancel me out? GOOD NEWS:  I do have some travel requests coming up in 2012!  Yes!!!! Florida and Georgia bound!!!!
chanelbride's White wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  11/17/2010  | 
OMG, you are so good! I still haven't gotten our wedding pictures yet for the photographer.  :-(  Hey, you need a comment section on your website, so you can get your credits, girl! In the meantime, I'll leave it here. You did such a beautiful job with our decor too. Our guests are still talking about it!  I love the work you did here with the feathers and the damask. Now I see what you mean about a touch of damask is only needed. This is very elegant looking! Congratulations on another successful job!

Thanks again for all you work!
Amber & Gregory
vintagelover's Pink wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  11/17/2010  | 
Now this is beautiful! If I wasn't having the vintage theme, this would of been the choice with the pink and damask. But I do have a good questions, could I get the free delivery on the pink and gold? :-) This is truly beautiful! You did a wonderful job.
missromy's Yellow wedding
 |  Perth, 08, Australia  |  11/17/2010  | 
wow that looks stunning.. your so talented =D
nolanu's Chocolate wedding
 |  Metairie, LA, USA  |  11/18/2010  | 
Congrats Ronda............beautiful!
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  11/18/2010  | 
Everything looks amazing Rhonda!
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  York, ON, Canada  |  11/18/2010  | 
Rockin' Rhonda is your new name! You seriously rock girl! :)
soontobemrspatton's Purple wedding
 |  Fresno, CA, USA  |  11/18/2010  | 
its beautiful u did a wonderful job
budgetqueenrhena's Chocolate wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  11/18/2010  | 
Just peaking in on my girl? This turned out so pretty! You mentioned about this!  I'm so happy for you and your talents, Rhonda. You did this girl!  It's gorgeous. Watch out David Tutera, her comes Party Shakers! LOL  

Miss you!!!
rodrhonda4ever's Blue wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  11/18/2010  | 
Thank you girls! Smooches!

Chanelbride: Are you serious? Even though we didn't have the professional photographer, we didn't have to wait? I hear about these nightmares of the brides just waiting and waiting for their special day photos. Hang in there?

The comment section is being worked on! It's been a total nightmare for the website, because I have many that can't do it yet? I have so many feedbacks and emails to share once it's up and running. GOAL for 2011!  Get my comment section up and running! LOL  Time consuming...

You are so right about the touch of damask. To much damask will make it really busy looking. You for instance, for yours it would of been to much with overlays, napkins, chair sashes on every chair. Damask is a busy pattern alone. If you really want to make a statement with the Damask love, just use it as accents. Your guests enjoy the clean, fresh pattern and not be overwhelmed. Who was that said at your reception? Um....this is a beautiful pattern buy busy?  It's true. Don't use so much of it! Just accent the event is all you really need.  You are so welcome!

Vintagelover: Ummm, since it's not the Damask Love & Fabulousness Decor...No....I'm sorry.... JKidding!  Ummm, we can work that out?

Tashasita: Rockin Rhonda? Hummm, the ole Jackson 5 tune? I wonder if I can get the rights to that song and make that as my song?  Got me thinking!  LOL

Budgetqueenrhena: Always good to hear from you. Thanks so much for all the support and love. Wow, I wish I would be like David Tutera? I love his shows and I do watch him.  Love that decorator! Miss you too! :-)  How's my babies?  hehehhe
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