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Sorry they're blurry!!
Sorry they're blurry!!
DIY Wedding
Pomander Update: My mom has been DIY-ing... while I have been working. Awesome!

Wahoo!! I'm off of work for 2 weeks!!! STOKED because now I can do arts and crafts. :)

So here's the basic catch-up for the past few days:

Bridesmaid's Clutch
My girls are going to be receiving some super cute clutches - posted on here because I cannot keep my mouth shut about secrets. Ima dork.

Fabric Pomanders
Here are more of the fabric pomanders that mom made for the back of MY chair - because they're pink :) didn't think the dude would want pink on his chair....

Fabric Pomanders
Dude's pomanders. Sorry the pictures are fuzzy, these things like to swing when you're trying to photograph them! I'm just not a good photographer, I guess ;)

I've got more coming :)
We have a ball
We have a ball
Further away
This little puppy is about 6 inches in diameter. Really Cute. The ball started out at about 2 inches.
Beginning ball (on left) Finished ball (on right)
We have a ballFurther awayThis little puppy is  about 6 inches in diameter. Really Cute. The ball started out at about 2 inches.Beginning ball (on left) Finished ball (on right)Swoon...
DIY Wedding
Fabric Pomanders
Ugh. Today's day #6 out of 8. It's hard working this many days in a row, having parents in town, and TONS of DIY stuffs left to do!!

I came home from a nice 12 hour shift, I came home to this super cute fun little thing. I wanted these little guys to hang on the back of the dude's chair and mine and maybe near a poster so that people can find us in the park for the ceremony.

Isn't it cute? My mom made it out of the same fabric that I had in mind for the flowers. Everything is going to match. AWESOME!

I was talking with her last night regarding the last few things that I wanted to accomplish and I told her how I loved this idea - basically pomandering a japanese lantern. She couldn't find any lanters, but she did find these grape-vine-like balls from Ikea and they were super affordable.

Yay for Moms. :) Sorry for the terrible lighting, but this as good as my living room gets at 9:45pm :)

DIY Wedding
This Could be a Pretty Easy Favor
This does not look all that complicated to me, and it's fun because everyone gets a surprise!!!

The website that I found this favor idea on states that inside the boxes is a variety of candies. Awesome! Candies are readily available everywhere! YES!

Also, I think that this will decrease my stress because I want everything to remain color coordinated so that I do not get carried away with colors and end up over-stimulating everyone who comes to the reception.

I also really like the idea of sticking with plain white. Now for figuring out how to build that little tree thing..... good thing mom and dad are in town - I might be putting them to work!

For anyone who has 4-6 weeks lead time, here's the link

P.S. Still sick :(
I'm Sick
and stressed... so what's new?!
And the only thing that will make me happy is a baby giraffe. :)

No, not really, but it makes me smile.

I had my hair trial today. Oh what a mess. Mess.

My hairstylist was so flustered and in a panic that 2 hours after we started, neither of us was pleased with the end result. I felt so bad for her because I have so much hair that I'm sure it's a bit stressful.

Poor thing, she kept freaking out.... I kept telling her that it was looking nice, but that 'let's just try doing this'... She seemed to respond pretty well and I think I calmed her down a bit because I just kept on telling her to relax and have fun - no big woop.

We're going to try again next week... it's really hard to sit still for 2.5 hours though. Especially when you're sick.

P.S. I am in the midst of trying to figure out where my brother's greyhound who has been living with me and my greyhound for the past 3 years will live when I move in with the dude. It is really breaking my heart because no one loves that dog like I do. (Love and hate are so close that it's kind of hard for me to distinguish the difference at times) The problem is that I am down-sizing from my oh-so-spacious 3Bd-2Bath house with 2 dogs and one human to a 2Bd-1Bath house with 2 humans and possibly 3 doggies. It just doesn't make sense to keep my bro's dog with us. We're not going to fit and the first year of marriage is supposed to be stressful anyways - right?

STRESS and sad... my parents keep asking me to list him on Craigslist and sell him because the brother cannot have pets at the house that he currently lives in (and he doesn't want to move out b/c it's rent-free - good deal for him, right?). Or to give him back to the greyhound agency. WTF?!?!? Seriously? Really? That's like giving up your first-born to a person who's never had kids. I'm talking feelings of attachment here. I just don't know what to do about the situ... this is making me very sad and I'm pretty sure that most of the last part of this post doesn't make sense.
Flower Inspiration: Colors
Flower Inspiration: Sizes & Color
Flower Inspiration: Colors
Flower Inspiration: Colors
Flower Inspiration: Sizes & ColorFlower Inspiration: ColorsFlower Inspiration: ColorsMSDdahliaMSFlower
DIY Wedding
Fabric Flowers Continued

I have (still) been on the hunt for another fun fabric tutorial. Just to see what is out there and I am not sure how, but my old pal Martha Stewart just completely slipped my mind?!? I don't know how that happened but it did. Here's her take on flowers. You can definately bet I'll be attempting this tonight! Pictures from my attempts to follow!

Martha Stewart Tutorial
Here's the tutorial for the peonies/roses and the printable template below.

Martha Stewart Tutorial
Here's the tutorial for the dahlia and the printable template below.

Pictures to follow!!!
From hyperventilating and anger to acceptance and honor.
From hyperventilating and anger to acceptance and honor.
I'm in a Glass Box of Emotion
It's Mind Bottling!
Aside from the movie Anchorman, I really feel as though I've been through an entire roller coaster of emotion this past 24 hours. I have come from hyper-ventilating and oh-so-angry to understanding, acceptance, and feeling honored.

What? Huh? You may ask?

It all started with an innocent telephone call to my mom wishing her a wonderful Christmas, catching up on everyone's Christmas bootie, and making sure that my recipients loved what I gave them. (Our large family has a sort of round-robin method of drawing names for Christmas. I really miss not being at the family gathering when everyone opens the presents because the best part is seeing the looks on everyone's faces when they open a package of something that they really wanted.)

Eventually our talk came to wedding talk with her asking how I was doing, if I needed to have anything taken care of last minute...Gee, my Mom knows me well. There's plenty left to do! :)

She then brings up the interesting new news that my brother's new girlfriend will be attending the wedding (this was BRAND NEW news to me.... I had asked him 3 separate times and the answer was always that she would not be attending) and that one of my mom's friends will be coming as well. RAD, I'm thinking! I would love to meet this new girlfriend and also to see Mom's friend!!


..... she tells me that two these people will also be staying at my house. ...HOLD THE BUS....Along with my BFF, BFF's sister and mother and two sons, plus my mom and dad, my brother... my two greyhounds... and .... me (hopefully). That's 11 people in my house which is a 1926 bungalow. People did not live in ginormous houses with multiple bathrooms in the 20's....AND my house is in a renovating dissarray that has been going for the past year!?!?!? It is at this point in time that I really am actually starting to hyperventilate. I hastily tell my mom that I have GOT to hang up and go to bed. Just had to get off the phone before I started crying with her on the line.

The second I hang up my telephone, I start crying because I really do want to have all these people stay at my house (cheaper option for everyone) but that I only have two full beds, one air bed, and a couch. The math for fitting bodies on beds is not adding up in my hyperventilating hot mess. Really, I need about 4 more beds to accomodate all these bodies.

Quickly my hyperventilation and panic recedes into anger: How come housing all of these people has become my problem and why am I freaking out about other peoples' issues? It's MY wedding (oh yeah.... Bridezilla rears her ugly head) and I don't want to deal with this mess. In hindsight, I'm glad I hung up and I was home alone with the dude - to just listen to me blubber and hyperventilate (I'm pretty sure I was absolutely incoherent between the sobs and wheezing).

I really do not know how I fell asleep in the midst of this panic and hyperventilation. I can tell you that I did not sleep well.

Well, the next day was just way too busy running errands with the dude to reflect on how I felt about this whole situation so I didn't get to re-visit anything until this evening when I was sewing napkins.

I tell you one thing ladies: sewing is therapeutic. Promise. It keeps me sane and makes me a better person. :)

After sewing for a good hour with no interruption by any human being (awesome!) I had come to the simple conclusion that I am going to get 2-3 hotel rooms nearby, put up my mom and dad, brother and his GF as well as one of my bridesmaids with her dude-friend, call it a day and it will all be rad. Everything will be just fine.

You know it really is embarrassing when confronted by an akward situation and then to react like I did. I am really lucky that my dude tolerates me and my tendancies to over-react and flip out about things that really do not require such attention. I am fortunate that I was able to step back, take a breath, and look at the situation from the outside: these people want to participate in something special to me.

Really, it is quite honorable that all of these people would like to be with us on this incredibly special day. The day that I get to tell my best friend that I am going to spend forever with him and that I want him to be my partner against the world.

I really am so incredibly blessed to have the people in my life that I do.
<3 And I really love hotels. Like Alot. alot...
This is one of the flowers that I came up with. It's made from 100% cotton, only about 4.99/yard. Awesome!
A Close-up of an Emersonmade flower
Emersonmade Inspiration
This is one of the flowers that I came up with. It's made from 100% cotton, only about 4.99/yard. Awesome!
A Close-up of an Emersonmade flowerEmersonmade InspirationThis is one of the flowers that I came up with. It's made from 100% cotton, only about 4.99/yard. Awesome!
DIY Wedding
Cotton Fabric Flower DIY

I have absolutely fallen in love with the flowers by Emersonmade however it is completely not within my budget to purchase these beauties.... and because "No" isn't really in my vocabulary, I decided that I am going to try to DIY these pretties!

So here I go!

I started out by spraying starch onto the fabric to make it more durable and thick because I had no idea how much I would be handling the material and I really didn't want it to fray too much. I then cut out individual petals just about the size of a half-dollar (for my smallest petal). I ended up using 3-4 petal sizes, just slightly increasing the size with each cut. Really easy.

I then gathered up all my sewing supplies: Awesome set of sewing needles, pretty thread, three different sizes of petals (they can be all one color or random depending on what you want), and super fantastic sharp sewing scissors. I also have to mention that I do not have a picture of my iPod here, but I was definately listening to some Passion Pit, Acceptance, and Kelly Clarkson (Guilty habit.... she's pretty rad!)

First Petal
Now it's time to sew these petals into a flower! I began with a circle of fabric (the size doesn't really matter, but I found that the size of a quarter was perfect) and you kind of fold a pleat into the bottom of your petal so that your petal is bending upwards like a real petal and then you sew the base of the petal to your base circle.

Sewing The Petals On

Sewing Petals
Then you do that a few times until you get a center of a flower! This did not end up being the center of my flowers - I learned that this basically helped you get a round shape for your flowers, however I ended up going back and placing smaller petals inside this basic shape to make it look more realistic and pretty. I ended up adding circles of petals around this center for at least 6-7 times for flowers as big as the palm of my hand. I plan on making some really big flowers, thinking they might have upwards of 15 rows of petals - depending on how spaced out the petals are. They also sit pretty flat which is cool. I am going to attach them to a table-runner for our reception so that is easy to set up. Excited!!

DIY Fabric Flowers

DIY Fabric Flowers

DIY Fabric Flowers

DIY Fabric Flower


Royal is not happy
Now for the I'm-ready-to-play-with-my-new-toy moments. Royal is not pleased.

Greyhounds don't like hats
Ivy was not having any of this. Mike had to hold her head for me because I JUST HAD to have a picture of this.

Ihop doesn't care
Ihop doesn't really care about anything as long as he gets some food. He got some ham immediately following this picture :)
My gal took a picture of me just like this. Really it is this obvious. :)
My gal took a picture of me just like this. Really it is this obvious. :)
I Am Actually Doing Stuff....
Well, I went through with it and got eyelash extensions!!!

AND I'm not even blind! :) Woot woot!

I really was concerned - I know. I know. I know. People get them every day and no big deal, but I really was.

The experience was pretty good. When I got there, the gal had me take off my eye makeup and then lie down on this super soft bench. It was really comfy. Then she had to tape down my lower lashes which was kind of a problem for me. I have ridiculously sensitive eyes and they water at the drop of a hat, so that was an interesting experience. The tape should go around the lower part of eye on top of your eyelashes so that the glue of the extensions onto the top lashes does not stick to your lower lashes essentially gluing your eyelids shut. That would be bad.

This step was alright, except that a piece of tape kept cutting into my eye the entire time that she was working on my right eye.... I got used to the pain and almost fell asleep a few times. The left eye was a bit more irritating, the fumes made my eyes water but like I said, I did not go blind. All worked out in the end. :)

I'll be getting a few pictures up here soon, just not right now because my right eye is still kind of red from the tape scratch :( They're surprisingly fun. It's nice to be able to wake up and not have to put on mascara. It is odd when you're washing your face to have all that extra water sticking to your lashes because I'm just not really used to it with my meager supply of fine blond lashes :)

Yes, I would do this again. :)
Just Found This!!
Pretty Excited!
So I just found this website and it has some really cute stuff for receptions! (

I have been throwing around the idea of having an extra cake - just to cut and to have a year later (which I hear tastes terrible).

Well this site has a good sale on some super cute favors. I really hadn't thought about matches. WHAT a super cute idea. The color scheme doesn't really match with mine, which is a bummer but someone else might like the colors for their day? They also have clay flowers for cake toppers!!!!

I also love the flower table runner..... swoon! Why is it only 18 days until my wedding? I need so much more time!!
I've Been In Texas
So I've been MIA here... my best friends from pharmacy school went and got himself hitched this last weekend. The wedding was awesome. The reception was super fun and beautiful. I had an absolutely wonderful time catching up with everyone and experiencing their special day. :) Can't wait for mine!


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