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Wedding Invitation
What is it About Fancy Fonts? Who Loves Type? Because I sure do!
I have all but commissioned my brother Brian the crafty, creative, and graphic design artist in our family to make our Save The Dates as well as our Invitations.

Haha - nope, don't exactly have a reception or ceremony site. I'm just so excited about checking out neat-o fonts that I can barely contain myself. It's gotta be the dork in me attempting to break free.

I keep thinking that a poster-style invitation would be super cool and representative of Mike and I, but then Brian keeps interjecting with intelligent points. For example, people might be confused by a poster. Our family might not 'get it' and just throw away the invitation thus wasting all of our hard work and moola.

I also adore letterpress. Everything about it is so romantic! AND Brian can get everything at cost. Yes, for letterpress.. Brian will design: of FREE, his ex-boss will letterpress the invitations: for FREE... the hold up? Well no date, place, and I am having a hard time committing to letterpress b/c I still think that something postery and flourishy would be fun. But I just love poster-style papers that have multiple fonts, sooooo neat and awesome looking!

I am thanking my lucky stars that I still have a bunch of time, but this decision is going to be hard.

How did you girls make your invitations so that you stood out, were completely different, but completely you? I feel like I have multiple personalities or something! haha!

Aside from all of my hair-brained ideas, I love the apothecary styles (riiiiight up my alley) and then some sort of manly-man font for the Mike portion of the invite (likely in some dude font like his website font..

Did anyone out there have good experiences with letterpress? Is it true that you need alot of blank space to let the invite breathe so that things don't look too saturated and over-the-top??

Experiences? Recommendations?
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Yellow Bridesmaids What to do, What to do.... ???
Yellow Bridesmaids What to do, What to do.... ???ariajennyyoobolerolarge_image6a00e54ed4e65a8833010534d1a4ea970b-800wiaria2watterswatters2feren
What to do, What to do.... ???
I am still trying to figure out how I should go about doing the bridesmaids... let alone their dresses.

2 are mommies and one will be in the middle of what looks like it could be a nasty divorce.

These pictures are my inspiration.

I love the look of everyone being the same. I love the idea of tea length dresses. I am toying with the idea of boleros... maybe I'll just ask the gals if they're interested. They're very romantic looking - which I just adore. Should I avoid black? Is it mean to make my girls wear yellow? I love yellow, but not everyone can/should pull it off... Do I even feel that they need 'bridesmaids dresses'? What about something cute from Anthropologie or ANYwhere else.

Then again, there is the idea of just letting them pick their own dresses and giving them the color constraint.

One of my friends recently told me that weddings can either stress people out or be really, really fun. Don't get me wrong, I'm having fun, but all these decisions seem to be a little overwhelming. - In my freak-out post, someone told me to write a list and basically whittle away at it a little at a time. . . I like that advice. and I know it's obvious, but it just helps to hear it coming from someone with a pulse and not from another book.

Continuing on.... :)
Does it sound completely BRIDEZILLA that I'm afraid of what I'll end up with? And that I'm somewhat concerned and afraid to give up that piece of power? hahah!! I just have a feeling I'll get one black strapless-above-the-knee-clingy tube dress, one with three-quarter-length sleeves in navy blue, and then yet another cap-sleeve a-line dress.

Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love my gal pals, but our combined interest in fashion is a cross between rock-a-billy, country, comfort, and clubbing. That is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad train wreck that people should not have to endure.

More to come...
I found a bride who has the same dress as me!!
I found a bride who has the same dress as me!
mydress!!mydress2mydress4mydress3I found a bride who has the same dress as me!!I found a bride who has the same dress as me!HandsJRSGettingReadyJSRDress
Wedding Dress
I Found MY Perfect Dress
I have been out trying on dresses a couple of times - by myself because my friends are all spread out across no less than 5 states, none in the sunny state of Arizona. I didn't really think that it was much of an issue until my mother informed me that I really needed to be taking someone with me so that I don't get a dress that looks odd from an angle that I am unaware of.

Thanks Mom.

So in my different excursions, I had tried on roughly 20 dresses and nothing really stuck with me. No big deal, I don't even have a venue or a date. I am really just trying to have fun at this point, I am in no rush.

One of my friends from work offered to come check out dresses with me one day, which was pretty neat of her. She has impeccable style and the same sort of romantic, vintage, minimalistic approach that I do (if this is even possible?). I was stoked to have the company, as well. She is a very funny girl.

We went to one store that she recommended and I tried on 5 dresses that were all somewhat 'vanilla' to me. I tried on one wonderful pleated/ruffled number from Watters in a champagne color. It was very pretty and about 90% what I would have loved. I will deem this dress the 'Carmel' among all the 'Vanillas' that I had tried on. I still was not ready to commit to a dress, so we ran around to two other stores.

We ended up in Scottsdale at a very trendy, yet expensive boutique. I almost didn't go upstairs because I knew how expensive the dresses were, but I was insistent about trying on a Priscilla of Boston or a Melissa Sweet dress and they were located upstairs. So up we went.

After 15-20 minutes of perusing, we ended up going back to the dressing room area where... surprise, there was more dresses. :) We found a few dresses that were floor models and so of course we had to poke around and laugh at a few that were terrible, one that was awesome and HAD POCKETS!! and then I randomly grabbed one that had this wonderful silk fabric, neat silk bows and bunches of ruffles, but no appliques, no sequins, no beads: no bling. It could be cool.

I spent some close minutes with the sales-lady zipping up and unzipping more 'Vanillas' and in the middle of another un-zip session, she mentioned that the next dress I should try on should be the Carolina Herrera dress I had taken a liking to. She said that people don't usually have such a strong response to dresses on hangers (really? they don't? I was thinking. Because I really feel like I like the dresses on the hanger more than on me.)

Be Still My Heart.

I just about stopped breathing. Why you ask? Because I love the attention to detail that Carolina Herrera has. I love the ruffles. I love the pleats. I love the fabrics, the ribbons all of it. BUT most of all I love that there is no sequins. No appliques. No beads. YES! Sure it's ivory, but then my skin would look less pale, let's do this!

As soon as I put on the size 10, I knew it just felt good. As Linda started pinning the dress around my body to make it a size 4, I almost cried. Sara did cry and I could see myself in my wedding pictures with Mike. I had found my Strawberry flavor hidden amongst all the Vanillas. No, it's not pink, but I really like strawberry.

I found my dress. It is beautiful and I cannot wait until I get to wear it!!

Thanks for listening guys!! I'm really, unbelievably, annoyingly excited about this! I really didn't think that I could find a dress that was 100% me and not 'Vanilla'.
So Many Questions
I am starting to freak out!
So I have been engaged for .... let me think .... a minute. Yes, 3 weeks and all anyone can ask me is, 'When is the date?' Enter my freak-out fit. I feel as though I should have somehow known that I would end up engaged by the 3rd of January, two thousand nine and I should have had the invitations, dress, reception, caterers, and photographers already taken care of. I would totally hire a wedding coordinator, but I cannot afford it.

*** venting *** and hopefully not on the verge of a breakdown! :)


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