Team Johnson DIY Bracelet
Team Johnson DIY Bracelet
Yellow DIY Wedding Ribbon BraceletTeam Johnson DIY Bracelet

DIY Wedding
Ribbon Bracelet

I am working on getting my house set up (I moved into his house) and that involves getting all the boxes and extraneous junk out of my future sewing room. Once I've gotten that all set up, there will definately be a tutorial on how to create the bracelet that I wore.

:) I have also found some other fun things that I would have made if I had given myself more time....

I'll post those in the following posts.

gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  01/31/2010  | 
Your bracelet is beautiful :)
deneanrae's Blue wedding
 |  Red deer, AB, Canada  |  01/31/2010  | 
if you made them im sure we would buy them lol. I hate DIY, i rather pay someone to do the work..hint hint... haha jk, sounds like your a busy gal!
princesspink1019's Pink wedding
 |  Indiana, PA, USA  |  02/01/2010  | 
I love it.  Cant wait for the instructions.  I teach sewing and my students would love something like this.
's  wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  02/01/2010  | 
You're so good.  :)
mazzy0774's Green wedding
 |  Spring, TX, USA  |  02/08/2010  | 
I can't wait!
's  wedding
 |  Arlington, VA, USA  |  02/17/2010  | 
I can't wait to see this!  It's beautiful, I definitely think  I'll wear it for my wedding if it comes out as well as yours did!
renorx's Yellow wedding
 |  Phoenix, AZ, USA  |  02/21/2010  | 
Ok, Tutorial: POSTED!!! :) Enjoy!
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