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Red Wedding Dress Alterations
Wedding Dress
So I need some opinions. Please. I have decided to wear my mom's wedding dress... mind you there will be some alterations done to it. Do you think i should completely revap the dress to make it my own, or keep it mostly the same, but fitted to me. i love the idea of wearing my mom's dress, i'm not even sure what i want to alter on it, or how i want the dress to look. But i know i'm not to fond of the way it looks right now... I wonder how much it's gonna cost to get the alterations done?
Cake Topper
It finally Arrives
I finally bought something, i need for the wedding... I got my cake topper... it's really cute. I love it.. looks just liek i thought it would. Surprisingly enough my fiance thought it was an awesome topper to... our parents. are not 100 % on it but its a funny topper, and we are funny people.


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Sep 05, 2010
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Just started out planning, and i have no clue where to go from here
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