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Centerpiece containers

I was pondering the style, color and size of the centerpiece containers. If I decide to continue on with my intense DIY habits, I'll be making some paper flowers, as inspired by oldhollywoodbride. If not, I think we may have beta fish with purple pebbles in glass fishbowls, but that's a whole other story with its own ethical and practical considerations.
Anyway, if we've got floral centerpieces, I was thinking of using silver colored containers. The first one costs $6.75 and is at flowersandsupplies.com. The second is plastic but costs $1.59 at www.afloral.com.

These are prices for 6" containers. Are those big enough for round tables of 8 or 10? Is it worth spending almost $7 per table for a vase?
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 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  02/08/2009  | 
Either of the vases are so glamourous and would look very gorgeous! We wil be having round tables of 10 and my vase size is a 4" cubed...we'll probabaly have small votive candles surrounding it too. I think once you have all the flowers arranged in the vase, it won't look too small on a table that size...
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Hi ladies so here is a DIY project that I've been working on today. I went on Dollar Tree website...
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