crane boutonniere
crane boutonniere

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Idea for boutonnière

Wanting to incorporate cranes into everything I make, I have been thinking of ways to put them in the flower arrangements, the centerpieces, the favors, etc. I found this fantastic boutonnière with a crane on top. I'm pretty sure I can make this myself with fewer silk flowers (in purple, of course) and more crystal stems to match my bouquet (see post 1/20).

I hope I can find nice, small silk flowers that don't look cheesy.
fletcher2b's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/29/2009  | 
I really like it!  Never seen one like it.
wifewag's Orange wedding
 |  Brentwood, CA, USA  |  01/29/2009  | 
Very different, I like it
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  01/29/2009  | 
It's beautiful.

I would suggest that if you go with silk flowers then purchase flowers which by nature come in purple.  A bouquet of purple roses looks fake and cheap but so many cut flowers are purple.  Good lucK!
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