Quick quick get everything done!

It's only 100 days until our wedding day! CRAZY! I just dropped off the invitations at the print shop, so I should get those back tomorrow. The stamps I want come out this Thursday, but unfortunately I will be out of town until Sunday, so I'll have to pick them up Monday. That means I'll be able to send the invitations out next Tuesday! How exciting!!! My MoH said the shower invitations would be going out soon too, so I'm excited to see it. This weekend, I'm going to a health communication conference in Kentucky where my MoH will also be going, so I'll just hand her her invitation and she may hand me the shower invite! Hah! Things are moving along, but there's still so much to do, so I'm going to get a move on!
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
 |  Asbury, NJ, USA  |  04/20/2010  | 
I remember 100 days, it goes so ridiculously fast! Congratulations :)
's  wedding
 |  Norfolk, VA, USA  |  04/21/2010  | 
Yep, it's actually starting to feel like it's a real thing that is going to happen now :)  Good luck with the rest of it, just try your best to enjoy this time!
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