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Down a bridesmaid. :(

I'm so bummed. Phillys sister is a high risk pregnancy and has just been told by her Dr that she can't travel after 20 weeks, and she will be right at that at the time of the wedding. The wedding is in Illinois and she lives in Pennsylvania, Her and her husband are both in the wedding as bridesmaid and groomsmen, and now it looks like neither of them are going to make it. It sucks, but I want her to do what is best for her and the babies. (twins) I feel horrible for her, I can't imagine missing my Brothers wedding. :(

But at the same time, I now have 4 bridesmaids and 2 groomsmen. It was always uneven with 5 and 3, but I feel like 2 looks so much more of a difference. I don't want to add anyone at this late of a date, so I am considering having my Brother stand up after he gives me away. Only thing is he will be in Uniform rather than tuxedo, but still not sure on this one. May just do the 2 and 4. Any suggestions??

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 |  San jose, CA, USA  |  04/15/2012  | 
how about putting 2 girls on one guys arms?? or have the guys standing at the alter and have the girls walk down the aisle alone?? i dont know just some suggestions. we were going to be uneven too until fh decided to ask someone else,
mikeandmelissa's Pink wedding
 |  Columbus, OH, USA  |  04/15/2012  | 
I know how you feel.. I have more bridesmaids than he has groomsmen and i dislike the look of it all. I'm sorry, girly.

As for your FSIL - I hope she has a good rest of her pregnancy. I know she's probably heartbroken on having to miss the wedding :(
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 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  04/15/2012  | 
So sorry to hear that your sister- and brother-in-law won't be able to come to your wedding. Sending good vibes to you and to her for a safe pregnancy! I think you could have two girls on one guy's arms. I had a girlfriend who did that, and it worked out fine.
tiffanyranaekasten's Orange wedding
 |  Knox, IN, USA  |  04/15/2012  | 
First off really sorry to hear that your FSIL wont be able to make it I really hope she has a safe pregnancy :)

I agree with the 2 girls on one guys arm thing thats what I would go with :)
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 |  Goderich, ON, Canada  |  04/15/2012  | 
Aww I am so sorry to hear that!!!
I understand how you feel, I have 6 BM's and FH has 4 groomsmen. I got over how it looked because the two extra girls will jsut walk together. I think whats important is remembering what these ppl mean to you and FH.
If there is another guy that he would love to add in then I say go for it but if not then I would leave it the same. Like sept2012 suggested putting two girls to one guy would still look great!
Good luck, I hope your fsil has a great pregnancy!!!
phillysgirl5's Pink wedding
 |  Springfield, IL, USA  |  04/16/2012  | 
Thank you so much, girls. I really feel alot better about the whole situation. I am thinking we are going to do what some of you suggested, two girls walk with one guy. I was thinking maybe having the flower girls and Jr bridesmaid stand in front of guys to kind of "even" things out a bit, any clue if that's a good idea?? Thank you again, so nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with this. And thank you all for the good wishes for Phillys sister!!! :)
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 |  Petrolia, ON, Canada  |  04/19/2012  | 
i have one less bridesmaid than he does groomsmen but it worked out that he ended up asking two guys to be his "best men" so they will both be walking out of the church and later into the reception with my sister!
I am so sorry to hear that your brother abd sister in law wont be able to come to the wedding :( I know how much it sucks to not have the people u always imagined being there there. My sister wont be able to make it out to our stag and doe (around here its a big party/fundraiser for the bride and groom) and i am sooo sad about it....there is also a chance she wont be able to make it my bridal shower and she is my only sister and my best friend...
so unfortunately i can relate to you on this!  {hugs}
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