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100 days!

Can't believe the time is flying by! It seemed like a lifetime away back over the winter but now that the summer's in full swing it's absolutely time to stop dreaming and start doing!

I typed up all of my invitations today and finished up the pocket folders over the long weekend, so all there is to do now is print them up and get them ready to mail!

And my third bridesmaid found a dress! Hooray! She is having it custom made by an Etsy seller and is paying a little more for it, but she is super excited about it so that makes me happy. :) My girls keep telling me how awesome and practical and rational I am, those are the kinds of things I like to hear! She is getting this dress (pictured in green here) in black: http://www.etsy.com/listing/57508352/plus-sized-infinity-convertible-wrap

Still a little irritated about the rehearsal dinner but I suppose I'll get over that in time...

Heading into the double digits...here's to smooth sailing ahead :)
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