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Blue Wedding Decoration Only have 4mths left
Wedding Decoration
Only have 4mths left
I only have four months left and i dont even have my centerpieces together or my photographer!! I feel like im so behind. My friend offer to do my centerpieces i think im going to take her help.
wedding colors
wedding colors
I like pool blue and my fiance wants dark blue.So i found this pic and i thinks it really cute with the two blues mix together. What you think?
nik ring
nik ring
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
This is a picture of my ring that i just love.
Blue  How early do i start???
How early do i start???
Hello everyone. I thought i should finally make a profile since i get on this website almost everyday. I love this site and loves everyone ideas. I've been engaged for about 5mths now and i dont know when to really start planning. The only thing i did was book the spot. How early should i start looking for a dress and everything??


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Jul 03, 2010
Dayton, Ohio, United States
Air Force Banquet Center
Air Force Banquet Center
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