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Monsoon Matilda Dress
Monsoon Matilda Dress
Flowergirll Butterfly Jewellery
White Wedding Parasols
Silver pumps
Silver Tiara II
Monsoon Matilda DressFlowergirll Butterfly JewelleryWhite Wedding ParasolsSilver pumpsSilver Tiara II
We're having Andrew's two little cousins as flowergirls for our wedding, they are the only young children left in our family and they are so excited! They are aged 5 and 8.

As we are getting married abroad in the hot sun I didn't want them in full taffetta flowergirl dresses so I was over the moon when I spotted the perfect little white cotton dresses with beading detail in the Monsoon sale!

They are wearing silver ballet pumps with the dresses and silver tiaras (they demanded to have them!) and I just picked up some gorgeous costume jewellery from Accessorize at the weekend which I'm sure they will love.

Their look will be finished off with white paper parasols, which will not only look wonderful in the photos but will help give the girls some much needed shade when they're hanging around waiting for photos etc...
Groom White Linen Suit
Groom White Linen Suit
Blue Tie
Greek Flag Cufflinks
Groom White Linen SuitBlue TieGreek Flag Cufflinks
Groom's Outfit
Before I decided on a full dress Andy, my H2B, was planning on wearing beige linen trousers with a white linen shirt and leather sandals. That quickly had to change once I picked my dress as his outfit needed to be more formal and not clash with my white dress. Bring on the white linen suit! He is wearing a white linen suit, white dress shirt, and turquoise blue tie (to match bridesmaids) with either white or tan leather shoes, haven't quite decided on that yet.

Here is an example pic of what my groom might look like on the day. However his tie is more pool blue than aqua or tiffany blue...
Kelsey Rose 11584 in mint
Kelsey Rose 11584 in mint
Kelsey Rose Turquoise Taffeta
White Wedding Parasols
Kelsey Rose 11584 in mintKelsey Rose Turquoise TaffetaWhite Wedding Parasols
Wonderful Kelsey Rose Bridesmaids Dresses
I didn't really have a colour theme in mind until I went shopping for bridesmaids dresses. I had played with gold and champagne colours as I thought this would be traditional Greek but I then decided I wanted to go for something a bit more colourful. I imagined fushia pink or coral dresses but ended up with blue! My bridesmaids are my two sisters, one aged 31 and the other aged 17 with totally different body shapes and colouring!

I had always wanted Kelsey Rose bridesmaids dresses so was delighted to find that my bridal shop stocked them. We went along with the idea of pink/coral short prom style dress with a full skirt. We came out with an order placed for beautiful turquoise blue dresses!!!

I don't have any photos of the style of dresses I'm having in the correct colour so I have posted two photos, the lighter aqua/mint coloured dress is the style of dress I'm having, and the longer dress is the correct turquoise blue colour, if you know what I mean?

The bridesmaids will be having either silver or pearl jewellery, and silver sandals/heels. Their look will be finished off with white paper parasols which will look fab in the photos as well as to help keep the hot sun off them in the midday heat...
Blue Wedding Dress My Perfect Wedding Dress!
Ellis 11091
Ellis 11091 rear view
Ellis 11091 detailed front view
Ellis 11091 detailed rear view
Blue Wedding Dress My Perfect Wedding Dress!Ellis 11091 rear viewEllis 11091 detailed front viewEllis 11091 detailed rear view
Wedding Dress
My Perfect Wedding Dress!
It took me a very long time to find my dream wedding dress, I never knew I was so fussy! As we are getting married in Greece in June I figured I would wear a simple Grecian gown and my H2B would wear beige linen trousers with a white linen suit and leather sandals....

However, when I went to the bridal shops and tried on the simple Grecian dresses I found as lovely as they were they just weren't "me". My personality is bubbly, confident and outspoken and I am not ashamed to admit I love being centre of attention, so there was no way one of these dresses were going to work for me. I must have tried on 30 dresses on that first appointment and I came out so disappointed and totally confused about what my wedding theme was going to be like, but I knew then all my plans were out the window and I had to start afresh.

I had to feel special in my wedding dress and feel like a bride as this was what I was going to be afterall. Because my wedding dress was so important to me I was prepared to blow the budget on "the perfect dress".

Cue lots of trips to bridal shops all over Northern Ireland where I must have tried on in excess of 200 dresses from all kinds of designers, Jenny Packham, Vera Wang, etc etc, at prices from £450 right up to £4K! Then I found The One...

It is Ellis 11091 in white and I absolutely love it! It suited my body shape, was the perfect bright white than I had always imagined, had lovely flower beading detail under the bust and on the buttons, full skirt but still lightweight, ruffles, and sweetheart neckline, and the even more attractive thing about this dress was it was well under budget and I couldn't believe I had found something so perfect for such a great price, made me learn that designer and expensive doesn't necessarily mean perfect...
Kalami Bay
Kalami Bay
Corfu Town Hall
Agni Bay
Kalami BayCorfu Town HallAgni Bay
The Proposal
Wedding Location/Venue & Honeymoon
We are getting married in Corfu, Greece, on 2 June 2010. Even before we got engaged we always agreed that we would get married in Corfu as it holds a very special place in our hearts.

We have been to Corfu many times and we stay in the resort of Kalami on the North East Coast of Corfu. It is a beautiful and very quiet bay which still retains its traditional Greek charm.

The wedding ceremony will take place in Corfu Town Hall and the wedding reception will take place in a taverna in Agni Bay which is mainly reached by boat.

We will have a speedboat to take us from our wedding ceremony in Corfu Town to Agni Bay for our wedding reception as this can be done in less than 15 mins, compared to approx 1 hour by road.

We will spend 3 blissful weeks in Kalami, Corfu, can't wait!


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We are getting married in Corfu, Greece, on 2 June 2010. Even before we got engaged we always agreed that we would get married in Corfu as it holds a very special place in our hearts...
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