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Blue  My gorgeous blue wedding shoes!
Blue  My gorgeous blue wedding shoes!Blue  My gorgeous blue wedding shoes!
My gorgeous blue wedding shoes!
I'm having wedge bridal shoes as where we're getting married in Greece has lots of cobbles, stony beaches and wooden jetties/decking, and I don't want to end up with a broken leg on my wedding day so have gone for sensible shoes that will be easy to walk in. The shoes were ivory but I had them dyed the same colour as my bridesmaids dresses, hope you like them!
shoes, blue
Blue Wedding Dress First Fitting!
Blue Wedding Dress First Fitting!Blue Wedding Dress First Fitting!Blue Wedding Dress First Fitting!
Wedding Dress
First Fitting!
I had my first fitting on Saturday and tried on all my accessories with my dress, I love love love it!

Bridesmaids looked gorgeous too and very minor alterations to be done.

Next fitting 8 May!
Chrisian Louboutin No Prive 120 Patent Slingbacks
Chrisian Louboutin No Prive 120 Patent Slingbacks
CL shoes II
CL shoes
Chrisian Louboutin No Prive 120 Patent SlingbacksCL shoes IICL shoes
Wedding Day Present from H2B
My gorgeous Christian Louboutin Shoes!
My wonderful, gorgeous, kind, and fantastic husband to be bought me my wedding day present at the weekend! They couldn't be a surprise because after trying lots of Christian Louboutin shoes on my tiny UK size 3 feet (36) some were too big others too small so I had to try my chosen ones on to make sure they fitted and most importantly I could walk in them!

I love my new shoesies very much as well as my wonderful H2B of course! :D
eva-longoria updo
eva-longoria updo
Accessorize Headband
Jenny Packham Acacia II Headpiece
eva-longoria-updo-hair-styleseva-longoria updoBlue Wedding Hair Style Know what hairstyle I want not sure on accessories...Hairdo2lauren-conrad-hair-take-twopartridge-messy-chignonAccessorize HeadbandJenny Packham Acacia II Headpiecepeony%20hair%20clip
Wedding Hair Style
Know what hairstyle I want not sure on accessories...
I always thought I'd wear my long brunette hair down on my wedding day as I don't think I suit my hair tied back and I worry about a hair stylist pinning my hair back to look too severe or making me look like I'm going to a prom!

However as I have dry prone to frizz hair which is especially hard to manage whilst abroad I am having to wear my hair in an updo. I've decided on a loose chigon style and that's fine I have lots of photos and ideas for my hair stylist who will be my sister in law to be (handy!).

I'm also wearing a simple white elbow length veil, I'm traditional and couldn't get married without a veil!

My dilemna is I still haven't decided on which headpiece to have in my hair, I know I definitely want somethine and I've already bought an ivory peony hair flower clip and a hair band so far.

I also tried on the Jenny Packham Acaica II headpiece when I was looking at Jenny Packham wedding dresses and I haven't been able to get it out of my head even though it will probably clash with the flowers/beading detail on my dress, it costs around £470 and there is a long waiting list to buy one of these!

Hmm what to do, any advice ladies?
Wedding ring 11 diamonds
Wedding ring 11 diamonds
Groom's Titanium & Diamond Ring
Engagement Ring
Wedding ring 11 diamondsGroom's Titanium & Diamond RingEngagement Ring
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
UPDATE: My wedding ring has arrived & groom's ring ordered!
Picked up my wedding ring on Saturday, it is beautiful I'm very pleased with it and can't stop trying it on! I also left my engagement ring with the jeweller so they can clean it and re-dhodium plate it so I'm feeling very naked at the moment without my engagement ring!

My H2B also picked his wedding ring on Saturday and it should arrive soon. He didn't like the usual grooms wedding rings so went for something a little different and it suits his personality well. It is titanium with 3 tiny diamonds set on a blue background which makes the diamonds look blue and also goes with our wedding theme!

Woohoo! :-)

UPDATE - Long story but H2B ended up having to change his wedding ring and he is now having a titanium ring with diamonds and not the titanium with tiny blue effect diamonds. They ran out of them and couldn't guarantee it would arrive in time for the wedding. Fortunately the ring he has ordered now was brand new stock and he loves it even more than the old ring, phew! I've put up a pic of the new ring.

I also got my engagement ring back at the weekend, it is like brand new can't believe how well it came up after the cleaning and rhodium plating! It goes beautifully with my new wedding ring too! :D
Blue Wedding Invitation Passport Style Wedding Invitations
Blue Wedding Invitation Passport Style Wedding InvitationsBlue Wedding Invitation Passport Style Wedding InvitationsBlue Wedding Invitation Passport Style Wedding InvitationsBlue Wedding Invitation Passport Style Wedding Invitations
Wedding Invitation
Passport Style Wedding Invitations
We sent out basic Save The Date magnet cards almost a year in advance of the wedding and we've now sent out our official invitations!

The invitations are a personalised passport design and the RSVP card to go with them is in the style of a luggage tag. We also stuck a label on the back of the RSVP luggage tag cards requesting that our guests request a song to be played at the wedding.

The invitations have gone down a treat our guests love them and have been complimenting us on them and telling and showing everyone who will listen so we've very happy!

They also love the idea of the song request and we've received lots of RSVP cards back already with song requests whether they're attending or not which is great as we will be able to think of them when their song comes on...

We will be downloading all the songs and putting them on a CD or ipod to be played after the meal at the wedding reception. Best start downloading then!
Taverna Agni
Agni Bay
Taverna Agni
Blue Hyrangea Fishbowl
Gold Organza Chair Sashes
Gold Organza Favor Bag
White Peony Bouquet 2
Agni BayTaverna AgniBlue Hyrangea FishbowlCenterpiece20hydrangea_monkees_meowGold Organza Chair SashesGold Organza Favor Bagcair-brut-whmezeWhite Peony Bouquet 2
Wedding Reception
My traditional Greek taverna wedding reception
We're having our wedding reception at one of our favourite tavernas in Corfu. The taverna is a traditional Greek Taverna called Taverna Agni in Agni Bay on the North East Coast of Corfu.

We will be having traditional Greek mezes for our wedding meal and some of our favourite dishes off the menu at the Taverna, washed down with champagne and unlimited beers, wines and soft drinks.

I didn't want too much blue going on at the wedding so have introduced some gold for the wedding reception. I think gold and white/cream is quite traditional Greek and ties in nicely with the rustic open taverna which is situated just a few metres from the shore. We're having gold chair sashes tied around the rustic wooden & rattan chairs (no white chair covers) and gold organza favor bags with 5 white sugared almonds in each representing health, wealth, happiness, fertility & long life as favors. We are also offering miniture bottles of Ouzo as favors.

The place settings will be large pebbles found on the beach with each guests name written on. They will cost us nothing and we will have fun collecting the pebbles on the beach in the days leading up to the wedding.

We will be using flowers such as hydrangeas and peonies in small square vases and goldfish bowl type vases to decorate the tables.

We are not hiring a band or DJ for our wedding music as we don't think it fits in with the traditional laid back theme so we'll be making lots of cds with all kinds of music to play all day in the background. We'll be having traditional Greek music, Greek wedding/love songs, our favourite love songs, and favourite pop songs etc as the evening goes on. We have asked that our guests request a song to be played at the wedding on their RSVP cards so I'm sure we will end up with a whole mixture of music from different eras.

Our wedding song is "Wherever you Will Go" by The Calling.
Peony & Hydrangea etc bouquet
Peony & Hydrangea etc bouquet
White hydrangea bouquet
Blue Hyrangea Fishbowl
White Peony Flower
White Peony Bouquet 2
Peony & Hydrangea etc bouquetWhite hydrangea bouquetBlue Hyrangea FishbowlCenterpiece20hydrangea_monkees_meowWhite Peony Flowerfreeze_dried_hydrangea_petals_mixed_coloursWhite Peony Bouquet 2
Wedding Flowers
My gorgeous flowers!
I absolutely adore flowers and I knew I wouldn't be happy with the standard posy of roses that all the Corfu wedding planners offer, so I'm being a pain and choosing my own flowers and paying a little extra and having to have flowers imported from Athens.

My bouquet will be a mixture of white hydrangea, blue hydrangea, white peonies, white stephanotis and rosemary sprigs, a bit like the bouquet in the photo.

My bridesmaids will carry very simple white hydrangea ball type bouquets.

I'm thinking of simple hydrangea or rose button holes for the men and I'm hoping to get white peony wrist corsages made for my mum and MIL.

To add a splash of colour I'm having mixed colour freeze dried hydrangea petal confetti for when we exit the Town Hall and possibly for the tables at the reception venue.

I'm having a traditional white iced fruit cake tier as well as the Greek wedding cake which is part of our wedding package. I am buying one medium tier wedding cake from Marks & Spencer and will decorate it with fresh flowers.

My reception venue will be decorated with hydrangea and peony flower arrangements.
Linen Suit & White Shirt
Linen Suit & White Shirt
Blue Tie
Greek Flag Cufflinks
Silver Cufflinks
Linen Suit & White ShirtBlue TieGreek Flag CufflinksSilver Cufflinks
Best Man & Father of Bride
Our best man, Andrew's brother, and my dad will be wearing beige/sand coloured linen suits with white shirts and a turquoise blue tie to match with Andrew, and tan shoes. I'm thinking of getting Greek flag cufflinks for them but don't know if that would be too cheesy and should just go for the plain silver type, what do you think girls?

I'm a real daddy's girl so I can't wait for him to walk me down the aisle, I'm very excited about that part but I know I'll be really emotional and probably ruin my make up by crying like a baby! hehe!
Wedding ring 11 diamonds
Cara Necklace
Countess Back Jewels
Butler & Wilson Flower Hoop Earrings
Glitter Ball Earrings
Wedding ring 11 diamonds
Pearl & crystal studs
Titanium Wedding Ring
Cara NecklaceCountess Back JewelsButler & Wilson Flower Hoop EarringsGlitter Ball EarringsWedding ring 11 diamondsPearl & crystal studsTitanium Wedding Ring
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
My Wedding Day Jewellery
I have bought my necklace and back jewellery from a great website and they were able to custom make the jewellery for me using white pearls as I thought ivory/freshwater pearls would not suit my white dress.

Therefore I've gone for a simple white pearl and swarovski crystal necklace with matching back jewels and they are just what I was looking for, quite traditional and subtle as there is quite a lot of detailing on my dress and I don't want the jewellery to look too fussy.

I'm just having a delimna now on what earrings to wear, I've bought several pairs and can't decide so I may make my mind up on the morning of the wedding!

I also haven't decided on a bracelet and don't really want more pearls so may go for plain silver or crystal, or if my mum can find some of my grandma's jewellery I may wear a piece of that as my something old/borrowed.

I have ordered my wedding ring and it should arrive within the next few days so I'm excited about that! H2B is going to choose his wedding ring when we go to pick mine up, hopefully this weekend...


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We are getting married in Corfu, Greece, on 2 June 2010. Even before we got engaged we always agreed that we would get married in Corfu as it holds a very special place in our hearts...
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