Wedding ring 11 diamonds
Wedding ring 11 diamonds
Groom's Titanium & Diamond Ring
Engagement Ring
Wedding ring 11 diamondsGroom's Titanium & Diamond RingEngagement Ring

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UPDATE: My wedding ring has arrived & groom's ring ordered!

Picked up my wedding ring on Saturday, it is beautiful I'm very pleased with it and can't stop trying it on! I also left my engagement ring with the jeweller so they can clean it and re-dhodium plate it so I'm feeling very naked at the moment without my engagement ring!

My H2B also picked his wedding ring on Saturday and it should arrive soon. He didn't like the usual grooms wedding rings so went for something a little different and it suits his personality well. It is titanium with 3 tiny diamonds set on a blue background which makes the diamonds look blue and also goes with our wedding theme!

Woohoo! :-)

UPDATE - Long story but H2B ended up having to change his wedding ring and he is now having a titanium ring with diamonds and not the titanium with tiny blue effect diamonds. They ran out of them and couldn't guarantee it would arrive in time for the wedding. Fortunately the ring he has ordered now was brand new stock and he loves it even more than the old ring, phew! I've put up a pic of the new ring.

I also got my engagement ring back at the weekend, it is like brand new can't believe how well it came up after the cleaning and rhodium plating! It goes beautifully with my new wedding ring too! :D
soon2bmrsmann's Blue wedding
 |  Kensington, PE, Canada  |  03/16/2010  | 
Beautiful rings! I picked mine out last week and I can't wait to order it!
natalie020610's Blue wedding
 |  London, London, city of, United kingdom  |  03/29/2010  | 
Thanks hun :D x
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I finally found my shoes and jewelry!!!!!
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