Kelsey Rose 11584 in mint
Kelsey Rose 11584 in mint
Kelsey Rose Turquoise Taffeta
White Wedding Parasols
Kelsey Rose 11584 in mintKelsey Rose Turquoise TaffetaWhite Wedding Parasols

Wonderful Kelsey Rose Bridesmaids Dresses

I didn't really have a colour theme in mind until I went shopping for bridesmaids dresses. I had played with gold and champagne colours as I thought this would be traditional Greek but I then decided I wanted to go for something a bit more colourful. I imagined fushia pink or coral dresses but ended up with blue! My bridesmaids are my two sisters, one aged 31 and the other aged 17 with totally different body shapes and colouring!

I had always wanted Kelsey Rose bridesmaids dresses so was delighted to find that my bridal shop stocked them. We went along with the idea of pink/coral short prom style dress with a full skirt. We came out with an order placed for beautiful turquoise blue dresses!!!

I don't have any photos of the style of dresses I'm having in the correct colour so I have posted two photos, the lighter aqua/mint coloured dress is the style of dress I'm having, and the longer dress is the correct turquoise blue colour, if you know what I mean?

The bridesmaids will be having either silver or pearl jewellery, and silver sandals/heels. Their look will be finished off with white paper parasols which will look fab in the photos as well as to help keep the hot sun off them in the midday heat...
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Thanks to another bride on here i was able to score all 8 of my bridesmaids these necklaces on eb...
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