This is mtuttle10's Yellow Wedding!

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Chapel 1
Chapel 2
Head Table against lattice
Guest Tables around lawn
Dance Floor
Lawn Games
Food Pavilion
Chapel 1Chapel 2FrontEntranceHead Table against latticeGuest Tables around lawnDance FloorLawn GamesFood PavilionYellow Wedding Reception Ceremony/Reception LocationsYellow Wedding Reception Ceremony/Reception Locations
Wedding Reception
Ceremony/Reception Locations
Josh and I finally went to visit the locations for our ceremony and reception together. I had been to both before, but he had not yet been able to see them. So we took one day of our vacation to finally look at them. I was so pleased that both places fit in with his vision for the wedding: a beautiful Salvation Army chapel and a great place for our pig roast reception.

The only drawbacks were that the chapel doesn't have a very high platform, which isn't too big a deal, and I am still nervous that it may rain on the day of our wedding, which complicates the use of the camp. But I'm praying for sunshine!

The caboose also adds an interesting element to the reception location. hehe. We've decided to make that our dance floor! Many of the people probably won't want to dance, but it is a nice location to have the option, I think! I'm really hoping it will be a lot of fun! It should be with dancing, cornhole, bocce ball, and the very relaxed atmosphere of the reception. I am most excited about this part of the wedding.

We're visiting Josh's parents now, and she brought up quite a few interesting questions that I had not thought of before. it kind of stressed me a little that I hadn't thought of it yet. But these are things I'll need to work out.
The biggest issue is who will be decorating for the reception? We won't really want to decorate that day when we should be getting ready, but that will probably be what happens.

I am trusting that somehow everything will work out.
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Use any of their designs or upload your own!

I'll definitely be checking these out for my Thank You notes!
Sunny Yellow
Sunny Yellow
Bright as Day
Splash of Color
Purple Flowers and Sunflowers
Yellow and White
Lemon Vase
SunnySkiesSunny YellowBright as DaySplash of ColorPurple Flowers and SunflowersYellow and Whitemwd105619_sum10_table3_sharper_lHydrangea-Raspberry-150Lemon Vase
Wedding Flowers
Reception Centerpieces
To keep things low cost, I've decided to buy my flowers from a wholesale dealer. I picked these photos from

I like these, but the only problem is that I also was thinking about incorporating the raspberry hydrangeas into the flower scheme.

I am also debating between white square/rectangular vases and the vases with the lemon decoration inside it.

Any thoughts? opinions?
Regal Band
PinwheelRegal BandPetalClustersCountryClub
So, I've started looking for invites, even though the wedding isn't for another year and this isn't a decision I need to make right now.

I am not sure which Josh will most like, but I think my preference is either the first or the third ones. I have seen the third one a few times in magazines, and it looks nice. My least favorite is the last option.


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