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Green All of the Above! My wedding planning story thus far...
All of the Above!
My wedding planning story thus far...
Because I've been engaged for almost five months and just discovered this website! :)

My wedding date is May 23, 2009 and the colors will be green and yellow.

The bridesmaids dresses will be green and they will carry bouquets of yellow tulips. Here is a link to a virtual picture I made on
Those are the exact dresses that each of my Bridesmaids are going to wear. :)

We'll be having an outdoor ceremony on a golf course with beautiful trees and flowers in the background. Korey and I will stand under a trellis/arbor/whatever you want to call it covered in yellow flowers. This is how I've always wanted my wedding to be!
Immediately following the ceremony, guests will go up to the banquet room/patio/lobby of the golf club and have hors dÂ’oeuvres while the bridal party takes pictures, etc. Then we'll have a buffet dinner and dancing and everything else that usually happens at a wedding reception.

So far, we have the place (obviously), the pastor, my dress and veil, the bridesmaids dresses, a photographer, and we have sent save-the-dates. I'll post pictures of everything we've done so far and more as we go. I always find it helpful to see what other people are doing! I love this site because it gives me so many great ideas!


5 years since wedding
May 23, 2009
Columbus, Ohio, United States
outdoors at Delaware Golf Club
also at Delaware Golf Club
Benjamin James Photography
I don't know whether to choose green or yellow for my color because it's really both! My Bridesmaids dresses are green and they will be carrying yellow flowers. Most of the decorations at the ceremony and reception will be yellow and white.
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