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Do You Know Your Groom?
Do You Know Your Groom?
Do You Know Your Bride?
What I Love About You
Do You Know Your Groom?Do You Know Your Bride?What I Love About You
How Well Do You Know Your Groom/Bride?
Just thought I'd share these little quizbooks with you ladies. Me and my FH had such a fun time filling these out. They each had 100 questions, and let me tell you some of them were really tricky! But we learned so many new things about each other (some things I would have never thought to ask) and had a blast cracking up at ourselves! I found them at Barnes and Noble for $6 each. I would definitely recommend these!

Oh and while we were at B&N he bought me the What I Love About You book. I noticed some WBC brides were buzzing about the book and I was wanting us to fill one out for each other. Unfortunately, they only had one copy in stock. So, he bought it for me and is going to fill it out and give it to me on my birthday...which is Friday! Woo-hoo!
Getting In Shape
Will start today!
I've never been one to stick with diets or work-out routines so this is going to be really hard for me. I want to lose at least 20 lbs by the date, but I'm not sure if that's doable. My main goals are to become more healthier and to tone up. It'll help that my FH is also on a diet/fitness regime. He can help when I'm not feeling motivated enough. So this is it ladies! No more carbs or any fattening foods for me!

Wish me luck and feel free to comment with words of encouragement or work-out tips!
The Gran Malia Vacation Resort
The Gran Malia Vacation Resort
The lobby. Notice the canopied beds!
Lounge area
Lounge area right off the beach
Another part of the beach
These are the rooms. So adorable!
The pool
The Gran Malia Vacation ResortThe lobby. Notice the canopied beds!Lounge areaLounge area right off the beachAnother part of the beachThese are the rooms. So adorable!The pool
:: In Puerrrrto RRRRicoooo
His parents gave us the choice of Puerto Rico, Cozumel, or the Dominican Republic. All choices were really awesome, but we ultimately chose Puerto Rico. I'll hopefully get the chance to visit the other 2 someday. We'll be staying at the Gran Malia Vacation Resort near San Juan for one week. I am really looking forward to it!!! We've never been on a vacation together before so I'm really excited about exploring a new place with him. I am hoping to go scuba diving and he is wanting to go hiking. I'm not too sure on the hiking though. I'm not a big outdoorsy person. And we both want to check out the local nightclubs and get our dance on. And I'm sure there will be plenty of other stuff for us to check out as well ;)

So has any of you ladies been or is going to Puerto Rico? If so, do tell!
Kilharen's Lodge <3
Kilharen's Lodge <3
The view from the top of the stairs
The main view
Kilharen's Lodge <3The view from the top of the stairsThe main view
We finally booked it!
The Kilharen's Lodge!!!!!! It's so gorgeous! It books for $1170 plus the cost of food. And it was available for January 1 so I had to take it.

We would be getting married in the center of the staircase. You can set tables up on the balcony. There is a little room right when you enter the main doors to be used as a coat check, which is great since it will be winter time. We have to use the lodge's catering service, (which is only the downside) but they provide a buffet type set-up which is what we wanted. The tables and chairs are provided. Plus, for an additional cost we can get centerpieces and tablecloths. The owners are kinda strict on the use of the lodge though. No outside food or drink (except cake), if the bar is used then you will need to pay for the services of 2 off-duty police officers, and no birdseed or rice can be thrown outside. But, I really fell in love with the place so I don't even care!

I'm so excited! Now that we have a set venue it all seems so REAL! Like..."this is really happening!"
Mario & Princess
Mario & PrincessNintendo
Wedding Cake
He's at least found HIS cake!
My FH has decided on a cake similar to this one for his groom's cake. We were in discussion on cakes and he announced that he wanted his to be an old-school Nintendo console. And so I googled and was able to provide him with a visual. He was a little bummed that someone "stole" his idea. Lol! I think it's really cute and totally him!

The second pic is the cake he's trying to persuade me into having as our wedding cake!
Black Change of Date! January 1, 2010
Change of Date!
January 1, 2010
So it's official! We moved our wedding up a week to New Year's Day. We had been thinking about doing it for a couple of days now and after having a discussion tonight we decided to go with it. It was originally January 8, but I thought it would be awesome to have it on the 1st. You know...start the year off as Mr. and Mrs :)
My mom liked the idea, but was kinda hesitant. She was worried how we, and our guests, would manage with it being right after the holidays. I think we'll be fine. If people can't afford gifts, so what?! I'm just happy they came out to share the special day with us. My FH and I both have family coming in from out of states and were worried about them having to travel during the holidays, but most people have the 1st off of work anyways, and they're not far so they could leave the morning of and still make it on time.
I'm really excited about this change! Tomorrow we're going to start calling our list of potential venues to see about prices and availability! Yay! I'll keep you ladies updated!!!
Ask a Question
I'm thinking of wearing these shoes with my dress. I'm not a big heels person and would be worried about tripping and being uncomfortable. My FH wants him and his groomsmen to be able to wear converse too. It definitely fits our "laid-back" wedding. Plus Converse is totally my style! What do you girls think?
The Center of the Universe <3
The Center of the Universe <3
The Proposal
...With a little backstory...
A little back story...
Austin and I both went to the same college and had the same group of friends, but we never really spoke to each other. Everytime I seen him he would be wearing dress slacks and a button-down tucked in and he would be carrying a Bible. In my opinion I thought he was kinda nerdy. In winter of '08 we both went to a week-long conference and that is where we finally met. He asked if I wanted to ride in his car with him and I agreed. I learned that he was so funny! He made me laugh the entire ride. When we got back home we began texting and hanging out casually with friends. I discovered that he didn't date. He experienced a couple of heartbreaks so he decided to lay off girls for a while. One night after a group get-together, I stayed behind to hang out and watch movies. We ended up falling asleep on the couch together. When we both woke up my head was laying on his shoulder and it just felt right. I looked up at him and gave him a quick peck on the lips (Yep! I made the first move!). A week later he asked if we could talk. He told me that he was looking for a serious relationship, one that could eventually lead to marriage, and if I was interested in the same then he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I quickly agreed. He is the complete opposite of all the guys I have ever dated and I'm so blessed that he's mine!

The Proposal...
Since we both knew from early on that we wanted to be together forever, I would always joke with him about putting a ring on my finger. So it kind of became this inside joke that at random moments he would whisper to me, "Are you ready?" and then reach into his pocket like he was pulling out a ring box. One Friday we both had the day off so we decided to hang out downtown. We planned on going to the Center of the Universe, which is this offbeat roadsite that echoes your voice when you stand in the middle. On our way there Austin suggested we eat at Logan's (our first date), which is out of character for him. He rarely suggests specific restaurants. So I figured that if he was going to propose he would do it at Logan's since it would be fitting. When we get to the Center of the Universe he pulls me to the middle and starts echoing, "Hello, hello, hellllloooo?" I tell him to be quiet since he already knows what it does. Then he says, "But the center of the universe is a special place. And do you know what happens at special places? Special things happen at special places." And then he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. I was totally taken aback. He put the ring on my finger and I kept asking "Are you serious? You promise you aren't kidding?!" I kept thinking he was going to jerk it away and yell 'Just Kidding!' The whole day I couldn't stop smiling! Oh and we didn't go to Logan's either. He took me to his place and cooked me Chicken Fettucinni Alfredo.

We have been together since April 30, 2008.
Engaged since June 26, 2009. And I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him!


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Kilharens Lodge
Kilharens Lodge
It's getting closer everyday! And I'm so excited!!!
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